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Zebra Shark Birth Three Babies Without Mate

A female zebra shark in Australia surprised the researchers, produced three children, having spent years of her male. Further analysis showed that the current ability to improve everything you do for yourself.

Leonie zebra shark took about 12 years for a glass of Townsville, in Australia. At that time, the two sharks have 24 kids and a good life. So someone ripped Leonie home and family, and put in tanks different in 2012. After a year away from entering male, Leonie suddenly three children born healthy in 2016

Fertilize The Eggs Of Their Own

It’s called Christine Dudgeon, professor at the University of Queensland in Brisbane, Australia. The first route of the research is to ensure that Leonie had saved some of the sperm from the partner and used to fertilize the eggs of their own. When tests showed that DNA only chicks from the mother, it is clear that the shark may be obtained from asexual reproduction.

According to New Scientist, “some vertebrates have the ability to asexually reproduced, although most sexual yield,” like “into some turkey, take Masalugalayda, pipes and beams.”

But what makes Leonies particularly rare asexual births should appear to show that women who have never had sexual history. As has been said, there are only two cases recorded once again with the eagle ray with a Boa constrictor.

Russell Bonduriansky coach at the University of New South Wales, says New Scientist, “The species that is capable of both conditions breeding is watching tiny asexual to sexual reproduction.” However, it is also very unusual happened.

Shark Form Of Inbreeding

In the case of sharks, it is possible through the form of inbreeding, which is far from perfect, the grand scheme of evolution. Surrounding cells, called anti-bodies actually fertilize the egg in its heritage. “It is a strategy to survive generations, because it reduces the genetic diversity and adaptability,” said Dudgeon.

The researchers believe that this ability to work as a temporary way to continue the species, a male partner can be found. Therefore, scientists have found that a really obsolete. more

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