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Women tie us with trees for very good reason

A group of women recently in Oaxaca, a Mexican wedding that is truly “boomsadderig” of all the brides of the tree. The red bride is all activists.

Serious problem in Mexico

Mass marriage marriages intended to draw attention to illegal logging are a serious problem in Mexico, where a third of the forest land in the UK is reported to be British.

Rosemary Dolores Leycigi said the ceremony was a serious statement about the future of the planet.

“Tree getting married is a way of protesting, saying that every day, every minute and every second stop is eliminated to Mother Earth,” he said in a video about Ruptly news agency.

The marriage does not legally bind, but Woodwind Andrea Tanat said turning wood requires a serious commitment.

“I find it very interesting that we have a commitment, not just this tree, but all of nature,” said Ruptlylle. “I was thinking about how much we had broken in the wild, so I decided to get married.”

Married to the tree, “began the ritual thanks to the capital, organizing” Bedani “, and then replaced by a symbolic marriage based on the Inca custom, where women and men for rituals led by Peruvian actress married and Richard Torres trees.

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