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Tim Peake Capsule Present the Science Museum in London

Tim Peake spacecraft and the International Space Station last year went to present the Science Museum in London.

Russian museum capsule is an important part of British history in the region and I hope it will inspire the public.

Soyuz TMA-19M has been modified, but still somewhat charred in reentry in Earth’s atmosphere.

Business secretary Greg Clark confirmed that Major Peake has made another space station project.

The last time the European Space Agency (ESA).

Mr. Clark said: “Tim Peake’s mission Principia inspired a generation, and to the extent that science can survive.”
The second task?

The UK is committed to continuing in December to participate in ESA’s space station program.

And last week, ESA General Director Woerner Jan are set to make plans for manned space at a press conference in Paris.

He announced that another task “to give” major Peake next wave of European human mission. Another British astronaut flight may occur in 2019-2024.

Tim Peake said he was very happy with the capsule in the UK. “I hope everyone begins to see that it really is a source of inspiration and other possible future dream embryos”

A little over a year ago, Tim Peake on a mission trip to the International Space Station. After a few weeks he walked the first British astronaut in space.

Executive Science Museum hope to combine spacecraft of the British astronaut turned out to be a major attraction.
Impulse buying

Director of the museum Ian Blatchford said that the purchase of the spacecraft is almost like “impulse buy”. He explains that he has no official research while in Moscow in the summer or the spacecraft has been sold and according to the owner of the spacecraft to surprise her.

It is the tall 2m, bell-shaped vehicle that Major Peake to witness the wonders of space.

The arbitration court is Tim, and there he looked out the window and see the curvature of Earth for the first time. It is also in this window that you saw, what it was like for the atmosphere at the end of your mission.

Spacecraft provides a link to his own role astronaut and British warning on space exploration.

Museum of Science, said she wanted to show people who see her, especially to inspire children – who want to follow in the footsteps of Peake major

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