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More than 130 whales die in a massive flush in Western Australia

A rescue operation takes place on the run of 15 whaling catches in Hamelin Bay near Augusta on the southwest coast of the state

Hundreds of thirty-five whales died after being washed down on shore in Western Australia.

The rescue operation takes place in the Hamelin Gulf, southwest of the state to preserve the remaining 15, with volunteers and vets trying to save surviving pilot whales with short fins before deciding when to clear them to the sea.

One witness described the effort to drive one of the animals to the sea just to look at it again.

Jeremy Chick, who checks the rescue attempt near Augusta, said the main priorities are to ensure the welfare of the remaining live whales and the safety of all participants in the operation before trying to save the whales back to the sea.

“The strength of animals and wind and perhaps wet weather conditions will affect when and where we will try to move them to the sea,” he said.

People were asked to avoid this area because the rescuers had enough staff

The authorities warned the public to take care of the water because the dead and dying animals could bring sharks closer to the shore. There were three meters of shark in the bay in a matter of hours.

Pilot whales with short ribs

Hamelin Beach is closed from Hamelin Caravan Park to North Point, including Grace Road and Reserve Road, because shark has been attack this area.

The largest whales accumulation in WA occurred in 1996 when Dunsborough’s 320 long-ribbed whale pilots took place.

Pilot whales with short ribs inhabit tropical and subtropical waters and can be seen in hundreds, but groups usually have less than 100.

On Friday, whales were first discovered on Friday by a commercial fisherman

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