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Mystique Is Now Solved Of Gold

Gold glance is not the only reason for the item to be charming. For decades, scientists have puzzled over why the theoretical predictions of the property does not match with experiment. Now detailed calculations on the dispute, according to an article published in Physical Review Letters Jan. 13

To the question of energy is nuclear looga required to remove gold or ionizing electrons. theoretical calculations ionization energy between the size of the research. Also, the energy released as adding electronic – the amount an electronic – as well as the symptoms. Like nuclear or accept electrons easily is important to understand how elements react with other substances.

Einstein’s special theory

“It is known that gold is a process that is difficult,” said the chemist Sourav Pal Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, who are not involved in the study. Although the most obvious feature of gold not be explained without the theory of relativity Einstein’s special theory that the game will be a golden yellow color. (Special Theory of relativity changes the energy levels of electrons in nuclear and gold, causing the metal to absorb blue light, which causes the reflected light looks more yellow).

With this new research, scientists have finally solved the issues involved in the removal or addition of electrons of atomic energy. “It is a great interest in this work,” said Pal.

The first calculation was made in 1990 from the energy provided by more than one per cent range, and improved math does not coincide with the measured values. “Every time I go to a meeting, people spoke and asked,” What is going on? “Said co-author Peter Schwerdtfeger, a chemist at Massey University in Auckland, New Zealand.

a solution is needed to assess more fully the strong interaction between the electrons of the 79 gold. Using sophisticated computer to calculate the electronic interactions gold five times, the researchers resolved the discrepancy. Previous calculations had treated three electronic time. It is also important to be included in the calculation of the effects of special relativity and the theory of electrodynamics sex, which describes the physics of particles such as electrons sex.

Quantum theory works very well

the results show that gold actually meet expectations – when the accounts are detailed. “Quantum theory works very well, and I’m very happy,” says Schwerdtfeger.

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