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More Than Six Hundred’s Of Coffins Redecorate in Egypt

Egypt will bring hundreds of thousands of years to carrying fake this time Pharaoh part of an Egyptian-American project to document and protect one of the oldest civilizations in the world, said the director of the project.

Protection efforts, funded by a grant of US will recover more than 600 carrying fake dating from different periods of ancient Egypt, which is now stored in the Egyptian Museum in Cairo.

“There is no other program like this in the world, as the coffin of this document or restored,” said the head of the department of restoration of the museum Moamen Othman.

Egypt maintenance grants worth $ 130,000 (£ 105,000) in December 2015. The project is part of a US-Egypt signed in 2016 to limit the illegal trade in the rich cultural heritage of this country.

antique theft grow in Egypt in the years of chaos that immediately followed the revolt of 2011, the amount set in the stolen heritage museums, mosques, warehouses and illegal excavations.

Global interest in Egypt’s pharaonic high. Efforts to find a missing Queen Nefertiti international headlines in 2015, although the investigation is still no results.

By the angels resting places of former Golden Pharaoh and the basis for a tourism sector growth, an important source of foreign exchange, which has been in decline since the uprising that toppled Hosni Mubarak in 2011.

Ambassadors Fund for Cultural Preservation (LACP), a US program was established in 2001, is responsible for the maintenance and restoration of ancient sites, museums and artifacts from around the world.

Fund has helped Egypt to save the historic cemetery in Cairo and Upper Egypt’s temples.

“One of the important purpose of the project is to ensure that the [Egyptian] Museum has a complete picture of an object and understand the need for security, so that case can be made that the research by scientists, but also the public,” the director Martin said the program AFCP Perschler.

“This means, in the long run most people here in Egypt and people from all over the world have the opportunity to know and enjoy the full range of heritage and history of this case will be a special collection.

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