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Few Region Of United State Heat Calculate Faster Than Whole World

Global warming refers to the increase in temperature in the course of the whole world. We know that the earth is hotter, we know that it is caused by human beings, we have a good idea of ​​how much warming will be the future, and some of the consequences. In fact, when it comes to the average Earth climate, scientists have a very good understanding.

On the other hand, live in a temperate climate. We are living spread north, west, east and south. On the islands, the continent’s largest, or near the beach. Many of us want to know what will happen to the climate in which we live. As affected life in the future?

These questions are answered in a study recently published by researchers at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst. The team, including Dr. Raymond Bradley and Dr. Ambarish Karmalkar researchers specifically looked at the Northeastern United States. They found that more areas will warm more rapidly worldwide. Indeed, the increase will heat quickly than any other state in the United States. The authors hope the United States will be in heat 50% faster than worldwide. They also think that the United States will come to a warming of 2 degrees Celsius 10-20 years worldwide.

Heavy Rain Throughout The United States

So why is this important? Well, first, it is important, because some of the effects that people experience is directly linked to the increase in temperature in the area. For example, we know that the hot weather leads to more intense precipitation. In fact, we added more heavy rain throughout the United States (especially in the northeast). Based on this new research, this approach will only be worse. This means that in the winter of desolation warm and moist – winter precipitation more probable form of rain instead of snow. This affects the availability of water in the spring months. This also means that summer heat waves will become more intense, which will lead to severe droughts.

But there are side effects in this study. We often hear that it is necessary to looga prevent global warming to 2 ° C, if we want to avoid the risk of adverse climate change. 2 degree target is somewhat based on science and on the basis of the political message. There is nothing magical about this number. I wish all would be fine, as long as they are below 2 degrees; equivalent to the world will not end if no more than 2 degrees.

Turns house warming below 2 ° C means that I think we have a reasonable chance to looga avoid some of the serious consequences of climate change, and some things to improve disaster potential. But in fact it is just a guess. Some people believe that our client should be lower, perhaps 1.5 ° C Others argue that even 2 ° C can be achieved.

If calling the target temperature, the study shows that even if the whole world keeps their temperature rise of 2 ° C a, some regions such as the Northeast United States far more than this limit. This “safe” for the world unsafe in some areas.

Heavy Rain And Flooding

Not muddy water, but the whole “good” versus “unsafe” in the subject also weathered the effects are concerned, and where I live. For example, if you’re worried about heavy rain and flooding in the climate change in order below (where you live) is very important to you. Conversely, if you are worried about rising sea levels (which is international), to change the temperature of the world’s great fun.

This really is a document of the past that provide strong evidence that we need to influence both regional and global climate. We need to think about what causes it care about the changes in the region and internationally, and that the temperature will influence these. In addition, it can not be easily stopped a sense of security, even if significantly reduce air and global temperature changes little. There may also be a great impact on our neighborhood.

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