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Five Teams In The Race Of Moon Landing

Five teams compete to reach the moon, which is 2017 or more.

Today, and the X Prize, Google has announced that only five of the 33 original teams that difficult, but important for the launch of the contract, which means that he mounted rockets that they send for the guarantee, and so they can compete for the Coveted Google Lunar XPRIZE.

Now it is really down to the finish picture Lua Express, SpaceIL, Indus Team, Synergy Lua and Hakuto.

To win the award, one of the five finalists for the spacecraft to successfully navigate towards the lunar surface on December 31, 2017. There was a lunar rover requires 1640 feet to land and beam images back to this country to study, Or at least $ 20,000,000 cash prize can be missed gold dreams a cheater.

Runner-up meshes $ 5,000,000, with $ 5,000,000 reserved for outstanding achievements, such as travel more than three miles from the surface, to look for evidence of liquid water, or weathering the hard lunar night.

It is the nature of competition, which aims to inspire bold innovation among civil society organizations. In 2004, the reusable spacecraft capable of passengers in microgravity was overcome with the X Prize Called SpaceShipOne, it is the true objective of suborbital space flights of Virgin Galactic.

Lunar X Prize is supported by Google, and where each of the five finalists are now officially a ticket way into space, the nation is connected. Then download the ship at the doors of the circuit started, fire up the engine and let it show on the road

moon landing

SpaceIL attached to its ticket to space in October 2015, and plans to hitchhike aboard one of the Falcon 9 SpaceX rocket for January 14 Craft SpaceIL, funded by the US billionaire casino to race again, will be “small and smart” and where Landing and jumping to another location at 1640 meters.
Moon Express (USA)

Based in Florida, Lua Express is the second company to invest in the initial contract. If all goes well, it will start-up called Rocket Lab, moon spacecraft Express to the moon later this year. Whether you win or not, Moon Express wants to continue to develop the ability to mine the moon, rare metals and other resources that may be useful on Earth.
The Indus Valley (India)

Indus team photographing the moon with a little help from the Indian Space Research Organization, a spacecraft in Mars orbit will be delivered in 2014. It is unclear which will be the team thieves Indus when it reached the moon, but rumors suggest that different teams fighting robot That something so exotic and important when making beer can make the surface of the moon.
Hakuto (Japan)

Double spacecraft team can share a tour of Indus rocket forces. Ideally, to study his two-wheeled rover called Tetris, tied to a four-wheeled rover called Moonraker, and together the couple had one of the holes in the dusty lava tube pushing in front of the moon.
Synergy Moon (International)

International conglomerate of people in some of the original 33 teams competing for the main prize, Synergy Moon rocket ride in Neptune 8 Interorbital Systems. Wear team Lander Rover when it hits the surface of the moon

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