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Fish Fixed In Ice After Popular Fox Image

fish in this photo seems as if they were frozen to death midjump. But what really happens is more complicated. And while it is easy to feel sorry for the fish is frozen in fear that something bad is wrong, you can take comfort in the fact that the death of the lake, a half safeguards where they died.

“Sometimes nature seems difficult, but it is all part of the life cycle of the territories,” writes Kelly Preheim, kindergarten teacher and birder first picture taken in February, an e-mail.

National Wildlife Refuge System, part of the Fish and Wildlife Service of the United States shared the first image of the Facebook page as part of the legendary game in December. But it got the attention of the new week after the Interior Department’s shared on Twitter.

Ms. Preheim surprised to see a four-foot wall of frozen fish, while birding in Lake Andes National Wildlife Refuge in South Dakota and has never heard of this phenomenon. But reviewers on Facebook said anything like that ever before. In 2014, a small schnauzer and Pollock found a school along the surface of the frozen harbor in Norway. The thought that the fish were caught in the Gulf when he tried to escape a predator, then winds and temperatures near freezing fish.

But “fishcicles” South Dakota as Ms. Preheim call them, they will pay a little more complex story. According to the account he shared with the security picture, oxygen depleted fish died in the sea.

In 2015, at the time the picture was taken, he said, around the lake, was hit by drought, and the water level is low. Thick is formed on the surface of the pond, which, together with the snow cover, blocked sunlight and prevent algae and other water plants to perform photosynthesis. No plants convert carbon dioxide into oxygen, oxygen levels dropped. The plants die and decay, depleting oxygen more. The limp and dead fish floating down on the ice before the thousands.

Fish Die By Freezing Weather

There are two possible explanations for the picture on the wall of the fish. One is that as the weather gets cold, ice increased. He reached the coast, cracked, wrinkled and trauma, including fish. Alternatively, it is possible that only the strong winds push the water content of the suspected frozen growing on the wall of ice.

Hundreds of gulls and eagles feast on dead fish in it. But it was not until a year after the full effect seen, Wildlife exploded around the lake, Ms. Preheim said on his blog. According to Mick and Hanan, a biologist at the shelter, and many things in this because the drought has led to give the land back. This is a lot of fish and non-residents, the whole system is thrown out of balance. If he is absent, to nutrition between land and water, and the remaining plants Cambaha clear, sun and more. More plants mean more insects, frogs, fish, snakes and birds to hunt.

And if you are wondering, submitted the winning caption Adam Seymour, a fan of the Facebook page of the asylum system: “Can someone please click on the play”

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