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Egypt exposed the ancient tombs of Luxor

Egyptian archaeologists are artifacts, including mummies, from one of the two unknown burials in the Nile City of Luxor in Luxor.

Muumion was formed about 3500 years ago from the Egyptian officers of the “new kingdom“.

Other objects are figures, wooden masks and colorful murals.

This ancient tombs is located in a temple and a graveyard known in the temple of Draa Abul Nagha.

It is near the Kings of the Valley, where many ancient Egyptian pharaohs were buried.

Discovered by German archaeologists

An ancient Egyptian man said that the tombs were discovered by German archaeologists in the 1990s, but recently they were sealed.

The identity of the paralyzed body is unknown, but his ministry says there are two possibilities.

It may be a man named Djehuty Mes whose name is engraved on a single wall or may be a writer named Maati, whose name – and the name of his wife Meh – is written in the tomb, officials said.

The second tomb was recently “unsafe” and unexplained, the ministry said.

In September, archaeologists discovered the tomb of a royal goldsmith near Luxor.

From the tomb, which also dates from the New Kingdom, contains statues in the form of Amenemhat gold, sitting with his wife

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