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Babies Memorize Birth Tongue – According To Researcher

Baby build proficiency heard the first months of life, the study showed.

If you move in and forget your birthday, you can keep this secret, according to a study.

Dutch children from South Korea had exceeded expectations in terms of training in Korea after his native language.

Researchers say parents should talk with your child as much as possible early in life.

Dr. Jiyoun Hanyang University in Seoul Choi led the research.

This study is the first to show that early childhood experiences are used to the language after birth gave them ten years, even if they think it is possible, he said.

” The results suggest language skills necessary to be defined by [a] the first month of life, and it can be no language into further demonstrated by the re-education .

In the study, adults aged 30, who was adopted as an infant by speaking Dutch family was invited to speak consonant Korea after a short period.

Korean consonants do not like to speak Dutch.

Participants with a group of adults and not be exposed to Korean language as a child and assessed compared to native Korea.

Both groups performed at the same level before the training, but after training more international children’s expectations.

There is no difference between the children who had less than six months – before they can talk to – and took 17 months later, when she learned to speak.

This shows that language skills are kept is abstract, rather than relying on the experience.

Dr. Jiyoun Choi said, there is a significant message for parents.

” Remember that the process [that] learning occurs early in life, and language skills useful life first formed as a study suggests, ” he said.

” Try to talk to your children as possible, because they absorb and digest what you say. ‘

language process begins early, even if the child is still in the womb.

Children learn the sound of their mother when they were born.

It has long been known that the basis for speaking and listening to native speakers are set early in life.

But they did not know until now that it was too early language acquisition is a process of missiles.

The study was published in the Royal Society journal Science Open

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