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Archaeologists Uncover Heavy Stone Tongue After Years Of Death

serious injury appears to be the burial site of Roman Britain Northamptonshire come – only the language of a man who appears to have been cut down and replaced by a flat stone wedged in the mouth.

The men were buried under, perhaps at the heart of fears that his body is up to threaten others, ancient beliefs.

Stanwick Cemetery near the River Nene, dating from the third or fourth century, when people lived in small farming communities. It was found in 1991, but now only the research done by archaeologists and other experts of England, former British heritage.

Simon Mays, a skeletal biologist Old England, told The Guardian that the procedure is considered as a Roman-British. He said. “This is not something which has so far been identified in the archaeological record, so it is possible to identify a new culture … The fact that he was buried in the tomb of the people in accordance with their culture characterized as surprising or dangerous. ”

aging technique is not appropriate, but the man is believed to be in 30meeyo the time of his death.

One theory is that the mentally ill and his tongue cut special. Another is that the incisions are a form of punishment.

Mays said: “There is a German law which speaks about the language of the court, because they spread malicious accusations at others to see, but I do not know that Roman law similar comments .. I have, shows that there are … although of course it is still possible. a little about the culture of Roman Britain, unlike Rome itself known. ”

Rock can change the language

Asked known ancient language is determined, Mays explained: “It gives us the idea that there is another burial of Roman Britain, the lack of serious replaced physical objects related to the site is only about 10 of date. they were able to identify. most decapitations, where you have the stone or pan placed where his head should be. I think about it, maybe the rock can change the language, because it is the first is that the oral tongue “.

further confirmation of this view came with the investigation of the bones. Mays said: “If you cut off one’s tongue, mouth full of bacteria and then you can get an infection, I really look for signs of infection in the bone, so it seems to support the idea.”.

He added: “The idea of ​​replacing part of the body into pieces with an interesting object in itself could be an attempt to carry the body of incomplete or there may be an attempt to replace part of the body .. not clear from the dead as a stone or pot to prevent the body from looga complete. ”

People buried face down, sometimes found in the tombs of the late Roman and early Saxon. Some archaeologists have argued that the bodies, which may be dangerous to continue to fear the community. Mays said: “It is a way to stop the rise from the grave and the bodies of his life-threatening.” There are recent examples of your skull with a rock in his mouth.

This skull was originally raised by a block of an ancient land in 1991. Only now, there were people to learn the laboratory under controlled conditions to ensure that all evidence. Cemetery arrested 35 people.

Archaeologists Uncover Heavy Stone Tongue After Years Of Death

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