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82 Dolphins Pass Away Mysteriously

Dozens of false killer whales died in mysterious circumstances after being stuck on a deserted beach in the Florida Everglades National Park.

US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Fisheries Service said that 95 false killer whales stranded on a pig Key, off the coast of southwest Florida. According to the US Coast Guard found the animals on Saturday, 82 of the animals died. Miami Herald reported that the killer whale trapped in a false highest ever recorded in the country.

Member Of Family Delphinidae

Half ORCA is the fourth member of the family Delphinidae is the largest marine mammals, including dolphins and grow 16 to 20 feet long. They look like killer whales, but the lack of killer whales features white spots. Although false killer whales have been spotted as far north of Alaska and western Canada, mostly from the tropics. They are very social, usually found in groups of 10 to 20, comprising the hundred schools.

record IUCN Red internationally recognized assessment that the risk of extinction of species has been reported that the data is too small to assess the security status of a killer whale false. As people around the Hawaiian Islands has the largest extinct, species that do not have federal protection in Florida waters. False killer whale population of Florida is still unknown, but scientists estimate that in 2004 some 780/2 killer whales in the northern Gulf of Mexico.

NOAA Mammals Network

In an interview with the Miami Herald, Blair Mase, stranding coordinator for NOAA mammals Network, described the duty as a rare event. stranding last known in 1986, when three whales of a pod of 40 stranded along the coast west of Cedar Key Florida. Six years ago, 28 whales beached off Key West. In January 1970, the report describes the sheets in south Florida are probably 150-175 people, but researchers have not been able to confirm this estimate.

These figures are insignificant compared to the largest on record sheet at 835/2 killer whales beached Argentina 1946

The cause is still pieces of unknown, though NOAA said biologists analyze test animals killed in the next few months. It’s hard work, “the event of the death extraordinary” 62 accompanied by NOAA since 1991, since only 30 received, the proliferation of toxic algae in conflict with people, such as accidents at sea.

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