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700,000 year old footprints show where children come from the Stone Age

What are the young people like in the Stone Age? Regardless of what Flintstones tells you, there are little toys and hippopotamus abattoirs.

Using multiple tracks in the muddy valley of East Africa, archaeologists know how ancient ancestors 700,000 years ago spent their youth.

The footprints may belong to the Gay Heidelberg chinensis, indicating the great power of the extinction of species that have suffered similarities and more Gay and Homo sapiens gay (also in humans). Based on general form and impressions, it is believed that it belongs to the child for a maximum of 12 months.

Hominids are here to hunt

In addition to many hominid prints, there are wide variety and number of animal images. The songs are formerly silent banks with large mammals and birds that never congregated near the Melkong Upper Melk in the Ethiopian valley. Not necessarily, hominids are here to hunt, not just to enjoy animals in the wild.

Most importantly, they found the footprints that led to the slaughter of Species’ corpses and the evidence of used stone equipment. The analysis of these discoveries shows that all were made at the same time, almost certainly in the same period.

Close children and slaughter show that hominin children can hunt fighters, maybe even learn to hunt. After all, this may be how children create the skills they need, hunting and polishing the meat shop.

Matthew Robert Bennett

“They are not clearly left in the caretaker’s house when their parents are hunting.” Wood in the rough savanna plains of the East African Rift, it is common for children to accomplish their daily tasks, perhaps to observe and study, “writes Matthew Robert Bennett and Sally Christine Reynolds reviewed articles in the discussion.

So, if you can imagine the scene of Melka Kuntur, children used to be meat sellers can find tools and stone skills to engage in carcasses, even if nearby places keep any adult civilized. ‘

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