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Virat Kohli hopefully Get More Victories than me – MS. Dhoni

Former India captain MS Dhoni Virat Kohli said his successor would go on to win more matches than he, and his team would “rewrite history” and became the most successful India since over the centuries.

“It’s the kind of opportunity you have, the kind of experience they have,” said Dhoni in Pune, topped up ODI series against England, Kohli’s first mission as a full-time limited-overs captain. “If it [about] the numbers, I think Virat and this team will win more games than I have in all formats.”

Kohli Took Position in Begin Of 2015

When Kohli took Dhoni Test captain in January 2015 India has won 14 of 21 games, single defeat coming almost a year and a half ago. During the same period India under Dhoni, has uneven ODI record – 15 defeats in 33 games – but show a better performance in T20Is – 15 wins in 23 matches. They also made the semi-finals of the World Cup 2015 and 2016 World T20.

Kohli, R Ashwin, Ajinkya Rahane, Cheteshwar Pujara, Rohit Sharma, Ravindra Jadeja and Mohammad Shami has been instrumental in this success. All of them – except Ashwin – are under 30

“Although they are young, they have played a lot of cricket in India and abroad, and in stressful situations,” said Dhoni. “They have been playing in the knockout competition – when it comes to the ODI and T20 formats – and they have been playing under pressure We played a lot of tests in India, but they do not play a simple test -. We do a lot of wickets switch in which the contribution of more low is very important.

“The entire cast seems to be the person playing cricket in the right spirit, the way it should be. I think they will do something very special in the years to come. Of course, the period will be a little longer, because they will get together for a long time. So hopefully, no injuries or serious problems for members of the core group, they will do well. ”

Dhoni and Kohli said he had hit it off from the beginning and praised Kohli to constantly raise the bar for yourself.

In cricket India, we have seen more often than not, many cricketers, said that when they got five games, and if they get out of hand, they are always concerned about the two matches, they were not there, “he said Dhoni.” Things best of Virat he wants to improve any chance he had. And that’s why he’s so successful now.

“If he scores 60 or 70, he wants to score 100. He wants to be there at the crease when India Chasing. So I felt that was the deciding factor for me, and from the beginning we interact a lot. He is spontaneous cricket and thoughts.”

Dhoni said that Kohli will find shorter format is easier as captain. “With more responsibility to him, he will continue to get better is my job to give you what my thoughts were behind the stumps -. Read batsman as they draw, what their power, because the player is bowling.

Go To With 100 Ideas

“What’s brilliant is that if I go to him with 100 ideas, it is better to say no to all of them because that’s what their responsibilities are as follows :. To choose what he really believes, I think this type of relationship is very important because I do not feel, ‘oK, if I say something will happen, “and he should not feel that what comes from my side, to be implemented.”

As captain, Dhoni hd moving up and down the batting order to meet the interests of the team. He does not think that will change the current management Kohli.

“Because I was the captain, I always felt, because it is difficult for newcomers to enter and attack in six or seven years, I will be the one to take on additional responsibilities to play more down the order,” he said. “I have to hit a choice of four and played more overs, but felt it was more important to see if anyone could bat at four, and if I can bat at five, and give more power to hit our ranks.

“Sometimes, I find people can be very rigid. It is very difficult to adapt to new ways of thinking or change the way the game should be played by the team, or the castle. I think he is someone who can do that, and I’m ready to do it for the team, is the same as it is now. If I had to bat. without 4,5,6,7, regardless of the demand is for the good of the team, I am ready to bat ter

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