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Vince Wilfork Hopefully Announce of Retirement Soon

It is possible, and the fact is that the world has witnessed Vince Wilfork past as a great game against the Patriots man on Saturday night lost ’34 -16 Texans round.

Wilfork, who was 35 in November, had signed a two-year contract with Houston and was on his way to play against a team fully expected to be in the past.

After that, he told reporters in the locker room that he will make “reasonable efforts” to ensure that he wants to leave, but maybe that was because “the last games we play football NFL. ”

There is a feeling, I take time and think about it. I think I played my last game in the NFL. We will take the time to due diligence and sat down to see if I really want to retire, “said Wilfork.” Let’s see. I do not know how long it will take. And we will see, it does not change the fact that every part of my career, I enjoy a good 11 years in New England and had two good years in Texas, with amazing friends.

“I do not have a better partner for the organization, and you talk about your organization, and talking about the highest grade. The two owners to anyone who wants to play.”

Wilfork, one of the few people who actually think Texans can win this game, we have a big game in the statistical sheet (support only one sort), but part of the Texans attack defense is creating pressure on Tom Brady and stored in the Houston game until the fourth quarter.

By Pro Football Focus, pressure Brady at 43.9 per cent down on the back, Texans defensive record eight hits on the quarterback.

Last Qualifier For 2015

Brady completed less than 50 percent of passes against Houston, the second time it happened during qualifying in his career. Interestingly, as the last qualifier for 2015 AFC Championship loss to the Broncos.

Also strange, Brady between two game-play against Houston gave back-to-back with two tackles for the first time in his career.

Texans widest point is a very good limiting the Patriots. Wilfork is a big part of, and is an important part of helping young players grow Texans.

“Man, she pushed me. He pushed me every day. I thank you,” said defensive end Jadeveon Clowney after the game. “I told the manager,” I need. “[Do] you know what I mean? It’s a, big, big help for the defense to catch him. He will miss the next year.”

If he really had to go, Wilfork will be an exciting event because one of the defense rarely have any looga which has a strong case for consideration of the Board of Fame

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