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Tommy Fleetwood shock others to breaks the Shinnecock’s record

Tommy Fleetwood staring at Sunday’s US Open in 2018. After a marvelous shot he had put just a few yards from the 18th hole, Fleetwood had the opportunity to become the first golf player in history when at the US Open he scored 62 points, which would also cost the lowest score he played on American soil.

He missed him.

In what was simply numbered for bad reading, Fleetwood’s putt broke just a few inches from the hole. He settled on a par and 7 under 63, which is nothing that we could hold when he considered the lowest score in the history of the US Open and broke his long record for 65 years at Shinnecock Hills Golf Club. It’s just six golfers who have reached the US Open 63.

In spite of scoring 75 in the first round and 78 in the 3rd round, Fleetwood was in a dense situation in the late Sunday due to the 66th round in the 2nd round, which allowed him to remain in the competition to enter the final.

The 27-year-old headed 3-under the front nine with four birdies on Sunday and recorded a birdie on four straight holes (12-15) coming home to sit at 2 per lap. While missing number 18 was considerable, it was the only opportunity she had passed through Fleetwood this afternoon. He had a good look at the birdies on the 8th and 10th holes and also left the birdie putt on the 16th place.

“I knew I was feeling good about you, but you still have to get a good start,” Fleetwood said to Fox. “… The whole way, I’ve always felt like getting back to it It’s funny when when you’re done you always feel as if you were just a short win, doing great putts that got down back 9. It’s easy to look at 16, 18 where I had a chance, because that’s basically what’s coming, but today I’ve done so many good putts. ”

63, which Fleetwood easily published, could be 60, but unfortunately. It was still a bike to be celebrated for the Englishman.

Fleetwood has not yet won the PGA Tour, but has won four European victories. Last year he finished fourth at the US Open and registered the T17 in 2018 Masters. With the main home region in July, Fleetwood should certainly be considered as the name for the Open Championship

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