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Paddy Jackson and Stuart Olding were found innocent of raping a female

Ulster and Ireland rugby players Paddy Jackson and Stuart Olding were found innocent of raping a female student at a home party two years ago, and Jackson was also not found guilty of a sexual assault.

Two other defendants in the same case were also found guilty of all charges.

Blane McIlroy was not found guilty of exposure and Rory Harrison was not found guilty of detention and aggravation of justice

The jury, which consisted of eight men and three women, decided three hours and 45 minutes before returning to the accusations of unanimous innocent judgments.

Heavy drink with Jackson and others

Jackson, 26, from Belfast, and a teammate from Ulster Olding, 25, also from Belfast, denied that he would be raping the same woman – 19 years – after the night in June 2016. Jackson, a 25-year-old Irish international, also refused further charges of sexual assault.

McIlroy, 26, of Belfast, refused to be exposed, while Harrison, 25, from the same city, refused to reverse the path of justice and detain information.

The families of all four men were in the public gallery to hear that the jury chairman had read innocent sentences for individual charges individually

A nine-week case that began in January saw defense, claiming a woman made a false claim about rape because she regretted she agreed with a group of sexes and feared she could be filmed with pictures that eventually could be published in the social media .

The complaint was that Jackson allegedly pushed the woman down on the bed and vaginally raped her and penetrated it digitally before Olding reportedly entered the room where the woman was forced into sexual intercourse. He claimed that McIlroy entered the room, naked and held his penis, and the woman then exhausted her room.

The prosecution also claimed that Harrison “tried to cover up or master” a woman and took her home in a taxi.

The Public Prosecutor stated that Jackson “did not seek her consent and actually used the strength to achieve her goal” and that Olding entered the bedroom while the applicant was raped and attached

In the hours after the alleged incident, the woman participated in the sexual health center and sexual assault center before making the first statement on the police the following day.

In the cross trial, Jackson repeatedly denied that he had forced a girl to act against her will.

He said the complainant was one of the many women who returned to their home after meeting with rugby players and their friends at a nightclub in Belfast the day after returning home from an Irish tour to South Africa.

Jackson said the woman had followed him to his bedroom on two occasions for consensual sexual activity.

Olding said he was “completely in control” of his talk after a heavy drink with Jackson and others and that he was “100% sure” what happened was consensual.

Neither Jackson nor Olding played a club or a country because they were accused last July. Jackson made his debut in Ireland in 2013, and at the time of the allegation he was the second half of the flight, while Olding made his international debut in the same year and has four caps under his name, the last one on South Africa along with Jackson.

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