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Ostersunds 0 Arsenal 3: Arsene Wenger’s decision to score a strong goal is in one hour

The most pressed, glaring and well-dressed teeth to regulate their own expenses in Swan Lake, frozen Arsenal players are not archaeological trumpet artists when they came on the night of Sweden’s “Winter City.”

However, they have a role of perfection. There is no sympathy for this novel Östersunds FK travel, without attention to its English manager, and there is no chance of Arsene Wenger melting the two-foot road in less than an hour.

Premier League season

In the Premier League season, Wenger expressed his desire to call the first team of the Europa League following Mesut Ozil. The qualification of the Champions League is at stake, so this is not an opportunity for unnecessary risks, especially in the village, rather than being built.

It seems typical Paraguayan shading works and decides to pay. Ozil tied and scored, adding a third to the previous attack by Nacho Monreal and his goal for Sotirios Papagiannopoulos.

Sometimes the Ostersund players were forgiven for a minor problem. Graham Potter’s versatile attitude of abuse and denial has pitted the logical and footballing consensus to reach the European competition. Three promotions and successes of the Swedish Cup led to a madness in the corner of the Swedish peripheral and the famous theater show.

In short, Potter became a show of passion. A troop has backed it for ten years and never before when Arsene Wenger took over as manager of Arsenal has become an integral part of the city, which is almost 10% of the population of the Arena Jämtkraft.

There is nothing against the international star Arsenal and the winner of the World Cup. But it works just as well as a reality check like a ball.

This is Arsenal’s supervision that Shkrodran Mustafi, who is only two qualified players without gloves, cooled in 20 minutes after asking several Arsenal banks.

The FA Cup

Potter did not accept the suggestion, the difference between the sides between the games gave a feeling of compatibility with the third round of the FA Cup, although he insisted that most of the defenders Galatasary and Hertha Berlin did not destroy the game.

Alright, and everything else Ostersunds should be here, the first 25 minutes are definitely unbalanced. Arsenal quickly set up camp, not only half of Ostersund, but in third place. Danny Welbeck was left open in the opening minutes while the panicked Ostersund team collided twice before Monreal rallied into the opening goal after Alex Iwob’s shot was stuck.

It is his technical game that Ostersunds was able to take a step further in the race and even rise in Swedish highly-skilled games, but was dedicated to moving the ball to ensure his predictable accidents.

The home team was once again second to Arsenal, which was unfortunate for Papagiannopoulos when Henrikh Mkhitaryan struck in the end.

Declined paths and strange finishes mean that this does not address the best performance of Arsenal. And as Östersunds are cooled for their own purpose, they seem to be cleared of a two-goal deficit.

Finally, they struck when Saman Ghoddos learned twice to save David Ospina in the Arsenal goal before Ken Sema kicked the free kick to end.

However, it is as good as it gets. Arsenal came back, apparently eager to check instead of trying. However, Özil refused to love the third with a drunken goalkeeper Ostersund Aly Keita.

I hope the glimpse finally reaches the original team when Arsenal brings Hector Beller to the crime bank Tesfaldet Tekes during his death. Ostersund’s defense Tom Pettersson, but his cruel company is easily rescued Ospina.

7:51 pm:
This final offense gives Ostersund a near-stimulus, but this decision was never questioned. The easy win for Arsenal and they can rest all the great weapons in the second stage which is today a week and just three days before the final of the Carabao Cup. Work done.

Penalty saved!
Petersson will take you, left foot and shoot … so sweet! He bent to the right of Ospina and the columbian dive slightly saved!


Penalty for Ostersund

Beller entered Tekie, attacked by Ghoddos and the judge gave it!

90 minutes
Added two minutes.

89 minutes
In fact, the amount of recording is not so bad tonight. Nine to 17. However, the potential for quality has been quite different for both parties.

88 minutes
Nketiah and Nelson appeared alive on arrival, but they were quite involved in Östersund enough.

Hopcutt fired at the edge of the box.

85 minutes
Maitland-Niles and Iwobi try to spend some time with curves and good tricks. Iwobia hit a strong Granqvist challenge, and he was not too happy about it.

Ultimate Arsenal sub
Reiss Nelson replaces Mkhitaryan.

Warning of Arsenal’s opportunities!
Eddie Nketiah, 18, met Welbeck. Does he get a target?

81 minutes
Welbeck was shot well, but Keita saw it safely behind the left.

80 minutes
Arsenal supporters can relax and enjoy this evening.

78 minutes
For their own purposes, Arsenal have more Europa League events than anyone else at the club.

Of course it’s time to change today.

75 minutes
It still lacks 15 minutes and every spark that this game is just in the middle of a cold environment in Östersund. A good intervention from one of the Arsenal players who managed to clear the ball. Fatigue also began to appear.

73 minutes
Some subs:

Ostersunds – Bergkvist, touching the sun and the head, is in Widgren.

Monreal was replaced by Arsenal in Kolasinac.

67 minutes
Ghoddos tried to do all this and his head in the Arsenal box cleared the ball, then found Chambers and wanted a penalty. No way.

Papagiannopoulos bites back to his teammates, Ozil’s plot and in some cases played yellow cards.

65 minutes
Another true visit of Ghoddos when he won the word Mustafi for the noun, but he sought and absolutely does not support anything.

Arsenal fell elsewhere and still had potential of its potential when Elneny was fired from afar.

GOOOOOOAALLL! Ozil makes it 3-0 at Arsenal!
The Östersunds played a simple penalty and Arsenal continues to the other end to advance the advance.

This is an incredible move when they go to the goal. Mkhitaryan floats to the left and continues through Ozil, just to the edge of the area. He gets in touch and shoots the target – he traverses the small curve that slid the hands of Widgren and Keita.

57 minutes
Almost an accident for Keita, but there is the risk of poor Elneny’s cross, but I hope she falls on a white shirt.

56 minutes
Jamie Hopcutt’s fresh eyes tested Monreali to the right of the Ostersund race. Hopcutt wins but he falls on the ball when he reaches the penalty and Monreal can take the ball out.

54 minutes
Sema quickly switched to Bellerin with a drop of glass and gained an angle on Mustafi.

It’s a better ball at the moment, but Germany is there to make a clean head.

53 minutes
Ostersund won in the right corner, but the cross did not reach the first player.

51 minutes
Half of Östersunds thinks half a shot from Arsenal and pushes Ospina under pressure, but Arsenal looks good in their class.

48 minutes
Arsenal are ahead. The patient traversed the edge of the Ostersund box, but the host had a ball and packed during the break. Do not do anything, but do so because Maitland-Niles attacks successfully.

Two changes to Östersund
Tekie and Hopcutt (who are in English) went up to Nouri and Gero,

Arsenal started in the second half.

Arsenal will never experience Ostersund, and they have a perfect 2-0 goal after two early goals.

But if the Swedes do not wait so long for the resurrection, we can have a game here. Mid-Arsenal is 28 minutes, but they have great opportunities and also play great football games. Arsenal have never been fully satisfied in the last 15 minutes, but they have already disappeared from view.

45 minutes +1
Monreal brings the players out of the picture for a good overlap, Mokitari cuts and shoots on the right foot, but is only a high and broad target.

45 minutes
Added minutes.

44 minutes
In the first Ostersundi, I dare say, dominate this game … They have more returns in the last 15 minutes.

42 minutes
Arsenal is another great ball after Ospina makes mistakes and the Ghoddos gate. She moves to the left and down to paint, but she is not dangerous.

42 minutes
The left shoots to the left. Ospina saves you.

41 minutes
Gero Maitland-Niles sailing along the edge of the Arsenal’s box and falling to the ground. Ostersunds free kick. Real chance here.

39 minutes
The Ostersund now seems more confident and more and more games are available when they are getting more out of their shells. Mongoose’s Muggy Nutmeg, which has its back, has so far been the biggest surprise.

34 minutes
Arsenal defeated Bellerin on the right, entered the field of Iwob who runs to Welbeck but decided to shoot for the first time and knock down the road.

33 minutes
Ghoddos crossed the center of the property and moved and returned to the goal of Arsenal. The defense canceled, continued and continued Ghoddos to shoot and shoot in the end. He saved her very well, but he was a good saver for Ospina.

29 minutes
The host is now growing in secrecy. Ghoddos hit Ospina with a fine defense and the Arsenal captain crept through the bar.

28 minutes
For the first time, Ostersunds will be on the Arsenal side and they will be together for a few more. This is great for moving: they are wide, they cross and are also filmed with Ghoddos, led by Ospina

GOOOALL! 2-0 against Arsenal
Östersunds are desperate for the home crowd. They lost passports in their own area, Mkhitaryan jumped and pursued the goal where Papagiannopoulos changed to his own goal. Bad dream.

22 minutes
Dennis Widgren certainly was a challenge for Hector Bellerin and won the ball beautifully, but Ozil was not happy about it. It is ok but a little rash.

19 minutes
Arsenal have 18 touches in the Ostersunds section. Östersund have two points for Arsenal.

16 minutes
The good move of Arsenal, who now finds their feet, and in the end, Mkhitaryan follows a good rescue of Keita.

GOOALLL! Ostersunds 0-1 Arsenal (Monreal)
Nacho Monreal scored again, and he made a terrible mistake early in Mkhitaryan.

Arsenal defeated the error while Ostersunds tried to play and Welbeck tried to go to goalkeeper Keita but took the hand. The ball fell to Mkhitaryan with an open goal to slip, but Papagiannopoulos entered.

But Arsenal came back and Iwobi gave some challenges before scoring. Keita succeeded but fell, and Monreal was there.

11 minutes
Ozil, Mkhitaryan, Welbeck gives a good start and looks threatening.

9 minutes
Little is related when Mukiibi ends up in the air and lets the ball jump into its own box. Welbeck hit the ground and was almost hit, but he was halfway there.

The ball went to Maitland-Niles, who started working on his feet. He hit the right cross and Welbeck won the middle of the header, but could not manage it completely.

6 minutes
The complicated tracks of Arsenal do not bear fruit and make clear Ostersunds. They split up with Ghoddos and just lost in a match with Mustafi who saved him. It seemed that he played in front of the ball and defeat – the referee demanded, but the home team and Ghoddos want kicks and yellow cards. Reproduction is not strict.

4 minutes
Not surprisingly, many initial possessions for Arsenal, but Östersunds showed that they were not afraid to play, silently falling from their backs to start their own attack.

A great crowd received the Arsenal, who refused to enter the corner.

Our guy, Sam Dean, is playing
He said about the Arsenal challenge:

Mercury is -4, but we are told the temperature is much lower because of the Östersund winds. Some locals have already arrived at their ski equipment.

This field can be a real factor. It’s an artificial surface, but not what we usually get in the UK. There are no black granular slippers that you can get in 4G British. Instead, it looks like a green carpet. It’s interesting to see how quickly the Arsenal players fit in.

Ostersund got a job
And we’re working on an artificial field in Sweden.

Östersund Middle Back
Sotirios Papagiannopoulos makes a nightmare for blogs live tonight. For its own sake, sometimes it can be called Sotirios or PapaG tonight …

The player is in the tunnel
Most of the time, it seems that the footballers seem to have many sales in the club store before the competition with the top zipper on their shirt. This time seems necessary for the Arsenal.

Reject at least four
Östersund is outside the Arctic Circle and the temperature has increased in recent days to reach a good lightweight of less than four tonight. Mesut Özil is very hot

If you are wondering where Östersund is:

“You have no past”
October 1, 1996 – Arsene Wenger was elected president of Arsenal.
October 31, 1996 – FK Ostersunds established

Why does Mkhitaryan go on 77?
Henrikh Mkhitaryan did not use 7 languages; 77 strokes instead. WHY?

It is very easy – he played against Arsenal in the group stage against Cologne. Alexis Sanchez won. UEFA will not allow two players to use the same number of shirts this season, then we chose 77 for the Mkhi European competition.

All staff
Ostersunds: Keita flags, Papagiannopoulos Pettersson Misanthropic, Edwards, Nuri (c) Mensah Sema Gero, Ghoddos

Substitutes: Andersson, Tekie, Bergqvist, Hopcutt, Aiesh, Sonko Sundberg, Islamovic

Arsenal Ospina (C) Chiang Mai Mustafa, Monreal, Elneny, Maitland Niles, Iwobi, Mkhitaryan, Ozil, Welbeck

Sub: Macey, Holding, Xhaka, Kolasinac, Nelson, Nketiah, Willock

Included team
David Ospina, Captain Arsenal; Calum Chambers and Ainsley Maitland Niles came; Danny Welbeck opens the line as expected and Henrih Mhitaryan holds the number 77.

Wenger’s question concerns Aubameyang’s exemption
Arsenal coach Arsene Wenger said that “The required shot” was challenged to place UEFA Pierce-Emerick Aubameyang, who encourages Dark Hunters to play this campaign in the UEFA Europa League dress, “do not hold to the sensation.”

Aubameyang, who played for Arsenal last month at the beginning of the season, blocked 28 years to represent his new club in Europe during the season with former club Borrusia Dortmund and related rules in the Champions League.

This rule allows Wenger to be the only pull-up option in Danny Welbeck and Eddie Nketiah’s European League and draws the first game against Östersunds on Thursday, as French striker Alexandre Lacazette on the side of the 32 knee injury.

All the clubs agreed that this method would disappear in Europe, “Wenger told a press conference Wednesday.

“He plays Dortmund In particular, for example, the Dortmund European League is the opposite and he can not play.

“In the middle of the season there’s 50, 60, 70 million pounds ($ 98,190,000) to spend, not playable, not sensible, if you see the transmission value now.”

Frenchman Östersund’s manager, Graham Potter, praised Graham Potter, who helped Sweden rise to fourth place in the European game.

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