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Man Utd vs Liverpool: Sky Sports team chooses players who can finance the defeat of Mourinho

PHIL THOMPSON believes missing out on Alexis Sanchez’s position against Liverpool in Liverpool can not be expensive.

Manchester United Vs Liverpool

Manchester United are happy with Liverpool in the afternoon at Old Trafford, knowing that the victory of Jurgen Klopp placed in second place.

Alexis Sanchez started with United against the reds, while Paul Pogba was injured cutting his legs.

But former Red Thompson saw Jose Mourinho in the game today with some problems with Sanchez.

“The big game in this game, in my opinion, a red card that can determine where to go,” Thompson told Sky Sports.

“I think Mourinho wants to open because he knows that betting is not the worst thing.

“However, when players like Alexis Sanchez and Paul Pogba pass the ball and seem less disciplined, it’s hard to let the team play structured.”

Mourinho recently admitted that Sanchez has not reached the best form since arriving at Arsenal in January,

“Are we better than Sanchez?” “No,” she said.

“He’s coming to the worst of the winter market, so I do not like so many winter markets and because we do not really trust that, but this is an opportunity we do not want to miss and make a deal.

“Of course he learns to play with us and learn how he can get the best out of it, and definitely the next best season for him.”

Meanwhile, Thompson has narrowed the gap between Roberto Firmino and Liverpool this afternoon in good form in Brazil.

“I think Roberto Firmino is the most important man,” he said.

“I know that Mohamed Salah is reaching goals, but when Firmino plays well, he keeps making the ball, made mistakes and brings the player faster for the game.

“He is also a great test for the defender of Liverpool and Romelu Lukaku, ruled by Virgil van Dijk.”

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