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Liverpool in Manchester City: Champions League quarter-finals first leg – live!

2 m

25 min: Robertson revolves on the left wing and fades nicely. Ederson dives to hit him at the tip. It is not a very convincing blow, but the city is finally scrambling. But there are nervous and no mistake.

3 m

24 min: De Bruyne wins the ball in the middle of the goal against Liverpool. Jesus, who was still far away, tries to get to the end, but he does not have the chance to get there before Karius.

5 m

23 min: Walker crosses right. Alexander-Arnold gets enough on the back pillar to move away from Sana, who was waiting for the intention.

6 m

FOOTBALL BRANCH! Liverpool 2-0 Town (Oxlade-Chamberlain 20)
Boom! What a Oxlade-Chamberlain strike broke from 20 meters with such force that it was practically around Ederson before the goalkeeper dived! And the opportunity was created by an excellent solution from Milner to get the ball back to Liverpool.

7 m

18 min: The city passes the ball again, but in insignificant areas.

9 m

16 min: Repeat goal reveals some relevant facts: First, Salah was partly offshoped, only within half of the city; and then Otamendi was exhausted and the pavement was slow while Firmino was filled with Salaam.

11 m

15 min: The city is almost immediately back. Silva released Sane, who was climbing a low blow from the edge of the area just over the post.

Before 14 m

13 min: Milner fired a long lower pass into the right channel. Salah and Laporte turned away to get to him first and fed Firmino, whose 12 yard shot was blocked. But the Brazilian was quickly recycled to Salah who hit him in the middle of the goal from a distance of 10 meters! Cue bedlam!

16 m

FOOTBALL BRANCH! Liverpool 1-0 City (Salah 13)
It’s unstoppable!

18 m

12 min: Alexander-Arnold writes the ball forward to the right channel. Laporte judges him wrongly, and Oxlade-Chamberlain pulls him out and digs a decent cross. But no one expected it to happen, so there was no player in Liverpool who could do it.

20 m

9 min: De Bruyne plays in the middle, where City actually has four players in Liverpool three: it helps to give visitors some control. They still have the majority of ownership and have forced Liverpool to taste with them, which Liverpool is able to do so far.

22 m

7 min: Laporte, with a slight start of the start, won the Salah race to prevent Liverpool from starting a counterattack. Then City go ahead and Sane skips to the Liverpool Boxing and flies with a low cross / shot. It is excluded from sidenetting. And the horn is cleaned.

24 m

5 min: The city tries to dominate. Liverpool has a semi-declining ball.

25 m

3 min: Fernandinho set off the ball outside Firmino – after Firmino did the same thing he did before. The Brazilian will then try to make a pass to Jesus, but Van Dijk reads his intentions and gets to the ball first.

28 m

2 min: We have dropped out on a predictably frantic start – a bit too frantic for Walker, who was caught by Man, who rocked the ball in the right back slot. But Liverpool’s cross is lost.

29 m

1 min: They’re gone … and it’s over!

31 m

Yellow Card Pointer: For Liverpool, Henderson and Moreno are bookings away from the missing next European match. Danilo, Gundogan and Fernandinho go in the same direction for the city.

32 m

Out pass the teams into a huge din. Liverpool are all in red, City all in blue (except for white shorts), officials are all in black and fan clubs drowning the Champions League anthem. Everything is as it should be.


You will never go Alone past Anfield. You know how it is at night like this. Players enter the anon …

51 minutes ago

Klopp & Guardiola discuss football
Klopp: “When you have a ball, you have to be cool and smart, and you use places, the city has changed a bit, it shows that they want to do something, and that’s what we want.”

Guardiola: “The intention is to try to defend themselves when they have a ball and attack when we have it and throw away goals.” When Laporte faces a big test against Salah, he replies: “All the full backs in the world have a great test against Salah! Laporte is left-handed and is trying to cope with it and counterattack

53 m

Klopp & Guardiola discuss bus service
Klopp: “I really do not get it, we tried to avoid this, and when we went through it was very positive and we did not know what happened before – the city was ahead of us, for Liverpool I must say I’m sorry.

Guardiola: “I want to thank Jürgen for his words We did not expect this attack after what happened in Dortmund last year Luckily no one was injured I know it’s not Liverpool: I know the history of the club is much bigger than these four, five or ten guys. ”

1 hour ago

“As a Chelsea fan, I have to agree with Noel Brown [see 19.14],” says Brendan Large. “I’m great in this competition, because now you can enjoy some bloody good football instead of being afraid of it.” A fandom throws out a mirror. And stakes, kids!

1 hour ago

“Kudos to the photographer captured the moment the Tin pot exploded on the windshield of the city bus,” says Peter Oh. Personally, I consider this kind of behavior to be frank, not to mention unnecessary waste of beer. And what is less violent, but still meaningful? Like a pillow on Sterling’s seat on a bench? “You are telling us some irritated assumptions, Peter, we know it was a beer bottle, and if it was, we know that beer was not drunk and replaced by a less healthy fluid, never been on a rock concert, not that it should be taken lightly : throwing bottles in people or vehicles is simply not It would be interesting to see what effect the fans of the city would like to welcome Liverpool’s bus with the exhaustion of love and happiness: instead of jokes, hymns instead of bottles, petals, incense, incense This would be useful.

1 hour ago

“It’s great to be with this neutral, like Mancun’s red, get in! Errrrrrrm.” #maythebesteamwin “Noel Brown where he does the best. That’s the spirit.

1 hour ago

Has anyone else disappointed that Sterling does not start today? Tactical reasons are understandable, ie the need to bring more mobility and muscle to the center, but Sterling will know that others may suspect that Guardiola is afraid of returning to Anfield, a cloud to the end of the Rodgers era. it will be fascinating to see how it does when it comes: it was great for most of this season and prosperous in Anfield would be another milestone to measure its tremendous progress.

2 hours ago

A city bus arrived, and fearless journalist Des Kelly looked at it: it seemed that in addition to paper cups, they contained traps and other objects powered by enough force to break a window or two.

2 hours ago

Updating the atmosphere
The city bus had to travel through a dense red smoke and a noisy crowd to get to Anfield. Several things consisted of windows, including paper cups.

2 hours ago


Joel Matip, Joe Gomez and Ragnar Klavan were all injured on Liverpool’s bench, including Conor Masterson, a 19-year-old Irish centerbucker who has not yet spoken to the first team. The city seems to be deployed to put Aymeric Laporte on the left hip and move to the center field, starting with Gundogan and Fernandinho, while Sterling starts on the bench. This may mean De Bruyne will work from the right.

Liverpool: Karius; Alexander-Arnold, Van Dijk, Lovren, Robertson; Milner, Henderson, Oxlade-Chamberlain; Mana, Firmino, Salah

Subs: Mignolet, Clyne, Masterson, Wijnaldum, Moreno, Ings, Solanke

Man City: Ederson; Walker, Otamendi, Kompany, Laporte; Gundogan, Fernandinho, D Silva; De Bruyne, Jesus, San

Subs: Bravo, Danilo, Delph, Stones, Sterling, Zinchenko, B Silva

Judge: F Brych (Germany)

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