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Hakan Sukur – a turkey fallen unable to return to homes in Turkey

To marry one of the best soccer players of our country well-known photo in Turkey, UEFA Cup winners are playing in the World Cup semi-finals. In the photo, Hakan Şükür is next to two witnesses, the President Recep Tayyip Erdoğa and the spiritual Fethullah Gülen. Marriage must be one of the emergency of human life, but it will not work for Sukur.

He died the day she got married, thank God the father had been arrested and deported in Turkey shoot 112 times. He is accused of insulting the president when he comes home and rebelling against the prisoner. Living in the prison will be safe and take the death penalty. He will not see his father again, he will not lose any worship. Sukur lost his country.

Painting for Galatasaray

Other footballers have fallen but nobody can touch Sukur’s story of height and depth. It is legendary, like a throat cow in a sleepy and sleepy country eating and drinking on the sofa. It has everything: painting for Galatasaray and its country, respect for other Turkish giants Fenerbahçe and Beşiktaş. He threw nine times in the 2002-03 season twice in Blackburn Rovers. Evin 10.8 reached the fame of the 2002 World Cup in South Africa, which is the fastest target for the playoff-off game at home.

After retiring for 36 years, he worked as an expert and then went to politics. Fortunately, the ruling religious and conservative AKP is present today. And suddenly, the image was blurred and everything in his hand was not counted.

Your marriage ends in divorce. His ex-wife, Esra, lost his life in 1999 during an earthquake in Izmit and Istanbul. Thank goodness, he is an expert on TRT’s national TV channel. Experienced and taken seriously, always interesting and wise. He is married and has three children. His political priorities made him a member of the Erdogan Justice and Development Party. Yet another man in the wedding photo is still close to Gulen.

Gulen, who lives in Pennsylvania, but to take a more Islamic state eager to return to Turkey, a shadowy figure. Then, in 2013, after a government closure decision as a school teacher, the government was a large school in the world (thank goodness), the party became an independent deputy divorced. Football seems far away and new problems are beginning.

as the audience at the University said: “I hear Albanian” and “Kurdish” as viable nationalism in the best possible time of the country, dangerous words such as “I am an Albanian as I am not a Turk”.

In 2016, Sukur was forced to blame the president of social networks. He left in June and said he did not plan to approach the president, but the prosecutor said that tweet is clearly related to Erdogan.

Then, the kidnapping in July was given to the Spaniards that year. In the middle of the European city, the public was questioned. More than 300 people lost their lives. In the coming months they have found 120,000 jobs and 50,000 people have been arrested. Everyone who has sympathy with the smile is doubtful. Sakuri received a prison sentence in August. The prosecutor had invited him to the armed terrorist organization Sakarya. Anadolu Agency, the government of Ankara Fethullah’s terrorist organizations have said what they say.

Fortunately, Gulen will give up, provide independence and security, but will surrender. Sukur’s father, Selmet, seized the window in Adapazar. They are responsible for the vigorous financial support and withdrawal of money and property. Sukur managed to escape to America. In June, his father will die from cancer without returning to freedom.

Sukur is literally surrounded by magical football memories. But a good man who disturbed the country so much while playing abroad kept his name on the stadium and in the country he was on the street.

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