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Corey Dickerson has traded with pirates; Ray received Daniel Hudson, Tristan Gray

The Pittsburgh Pirates announced on Thursday that they carried Corey Dickerson’s supernatural trade on the Tampa Bay track.

Dickerson appeared in 150 games in Tampa Bay in 2017 and reached .282 / .325 / .490 with 27 houses and 62 RBIs as a regular force. Pittsburgh pitcher Daniel Hudson, Tristan Gray’s coach and financial policy considerations.

Dickerson played his first three career seasons in the Colorado Rockies and was impressed with .412 / .364 / .567, 24 home runs and his best 76 RBI career in 2014. He was responsible for 2.5 to win the new season and 2, 6 in 2017 when he made his first All-Star Game Game by FanGraph.

He is only 28 years old and has a figure to help replicate pirates replicating Andrew McCutchen’s production in this remote field this season after having five All-Star and the 2013 MVP National League for the San Francisco Giants.

Dickerson is a great

Dickerson is a great complement to defensive defense – a defensive term was reached in 2017, all Fangraphs, but last season Pittsburgh was very poor in the 29th home (151) and may require more power to compete with Chicago Cubs, St. . Louis Cardinals and Milwaukee Brewers in 2018.

“Corey Dickerson is another threat to the line’s power quality, as evidenced by more than 60 extra base hits and his 20 home games in each of the past two seasons,” said Pirates Director Neal Huntington in a statement yesterday ESPN .com. “Corey is a passionate player who also adds a high quality presence in our club house.”

What Tampa Bay players won on the contract, Hudson appeared in the 71st Pittsburgh game last season and recorded 4.38 ERA, 1.46 WHIP and 66 kicks in 61.2 assists. Gray played 53 games in single-A in 2017 and reached .269 / .329 / .486 with seven homerun

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