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Chelsea vs Newcastle United, Premier League: live score updates

GOOOOAL! Chelsea 2-1 Newcastle
Chelsea reversed the game, and Alvaro Morata has a new goal, but Newcastle is the producer of his own downfall. Rudiger fired a shot to the right and Ritchie was in the lower left corner in a difficult spot under the ball. He did not share his clear truth, and went directly to Moses.

Impeller sat on his shoulders, shot to the right, and sought a target from Morata that was too strong for the harp to approach.

37 minutes
Chelsea are unhappy with two – they explode fast and seek a third goal. They love to be beautiful with Hazard and Fabregas, but after the cross of Moses, drinking water shoots half of the volleyball, but the ball leaves.

41 minutes
Now, all Chelsea. Newcastle can not get out of the way. Benitez prayed beside him and only managed to loose the 2-1.

43 minutes
Silence is very difficult to face some of the challenges in between and put Perez in the small space he can attack. The knife knocked him down and Newcastle was a solid piece in good standing.

44 minutes
Merino recycles in the box, Chelsea lost without a fault and rebound recovery Lejeune was abandoned. The angle is nothing.

45 minutes
Added two minutes.

45 minutes +1
Hazard gets a little space to run after the fans of Fabregas. Chelsea broke the numbers and Clark hit the wrong ball, so he decided to play the danger. He was very reserved for the problem.

Fabregas crossed, Christensen came down, but Rudiger could not move on purpose.

Half-Time – Chelsea 2-1 Newcastle
So start to surprise Newcastle when they followed Dwight Gayle, Chelsea found his leg and took that visitors game with two charities.

Newcastle struggled to control the game as they continued, and Chelsea had to win

32 minutes
Another cross from the right and another Morata company, but Clark pressure he can only turn the ball in the bar.

30 minutes
Newcastle has found a new game and something new. Chelsea raises some problems behind the game and the home troops do not like it. However, they left it.

26 minutes
The judge just eliminated Cesc Fabregas with Chelsea during the attack. Good stuff

THANK YOU! The danger is going to Chelsea!
I just thought how long Newcastle would last and the response was about 20 seconds, Chelsea’s danger in the field of fire after having provoked the crossing of Azpilicueta Lejeune was cut, but only Belgium knocked over and waved Karl Darlow’s arsenal .

20 minutes
The pressure really builds – how long does Newcastle stay? Kante hit the cross and Christensen changed the title to Darlow, but the ball was canceled!

19 minutes
Chelsea penalty while Rudiger threw the ball directly into the box for Newcastle and Darlow appeared behind Morata. The Spaniards are convinced that he should be punished, but referee Kevin Friend refuses to call.

17 minutes
What was Fabregas’ pass to hit Hazard’s target – it was a serious possibility and the Belgian looked good down before attempting to hit the keeper, but Karl Darlow got a good strong left arm and Newcastle got the ball.

16 minutes
Chelsea responded well – the players are awakened even though the fans are not playing. Hazard tries the way through the confusion of the Newcastle defense and Fabregas is also far ahead, to win the corner, he threw the box, but Christensen is just driving.

GOOOOAAAL !!!!! Newcastle runs Stamford Bridge!
Well now! Newcastle was at the forefront of a terrible goal, but he did not care. Dwight Gayle won the title, Alonso tried to play the goalkeeper but failed to end the pressure of Murphy. Courtois came on for extinguishing the ball, but he was only able to throw the ball directly to Gayleen, which turned into an empty net!

9 minutes
We got the first shot of the game – it was right Courtois, but promising after the Newcastle win, Gayle was hardly held after the rare Azpilicueta and Moreno bugs from the box edge, but actually did not connect.

Chelsea went to the other side and had his own business, but Morata could only attack after Fabregas’ decision.

6 minutes
The first real action game while shooting Hazard from the left and passing to shoot for Cesc Fabregas, who easily jumped into a corner by Danny Drinkwater, but the low cross prevented Lejeune. Newcastle is free.

3 minutes
It’s a beautiful Stamford Bridge. Subs Da Bakayoko and Batshuayi are trying their best to stay warm.

2 minutes
Matt Ritchie started left and whipped and asked Chelsea’s Rudiger box to do well under pressure from Dwight Gayle. There is no indication that Newcastle was in the early stages.

And we go
Newcastle threw the ball forward to help with things. Sounds stylish at Stamford Bridge, although there has been an early start.

Start with the approach
Next team – and we are just minutes from the rails. I can not predict Chelsea’s 2-0 win

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