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Champions League, Real Madrid v / s PSG:

The coach of the 1-League coach revealed that he is happy that the rumor was heard in the Brazilian team that was looking for in Spain, The coach, Paris Saint-Germain, Unai Emery, was irresponsible when he asked for an exchange agreement between Neymar and Cristiano Ronaldo, who said he was happy with Brazil.

26-year-old striker to Madrid

As shown by the goal, the PSG will give a 26-year-old striker to Madrid, but only if he helps in league 1 to win the Champions League.

For a long time, Ronaldo was in touch with Paris, where the French claimed on Tuesday that Portugal said they wanted to join the club with a friend.

Both sides will meet on Wednesday in the Champions League, where all points will focus on the two best artists in the world.

And among potential clubs in the rumors, Emery gets a big problem about the possibility of a barter deal and if he intends to bargain with Neymar for Ronaldo.

He told reporters, “Well, this may be a difficult question or a simple question depending on how you look or how I want to react to it.

“I’m very happy with Neymar.”

In the Spanish opposition, the PSG was kicked out of league last season, Barcelona in an extraordinary 6-1 win in second place to win 6-5 and the quarterfinals.

And Emery knew that her party had learned lessons from the horrible defeat and that they were better prepared before they ended on the fingers of Zinedine Zidan.

He added: “Maybe the preparation started after the game because we wanted to have a positive experience.

“We talked briefly about this game, but directly, every bad experience gives you the opportunity to learn a lot.

“I think we’re better prepared now and it does not matter if we win or lose, I think the team is ready to compete at this stage and against the best team.”

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