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Brighton and Hove Albion defensive Gaetan Bong for his busy Premier League

Gaetan Bong never denied the challenge.

He started English football in Wigan at the end of the wrong tournament when he broke off the relationship with Olympiacos.

Three years later, he will prove his worth in the Premier League.

From France to Greece, Lancashire and now to Sussex, it’s a tremendous journey that Bong decided.

Chris Hughton

Albion manager Chris Hughton knows what he can with Bong (above). The left defense maintained the best and participated in troops with the fewest goals in the top seven.

Bong’s credibility is recognized this week by extending the deal by the end of next season.

He said, “The fact is that the doctrine of time, buggy, new challenge when you first came here (Albion) he (Hughton) for me to be who I am. Some leaders will change you, they want you to do this or that.

“He knows what I can do and I tell him that I know my job, I have not changed my football because of what is said to be 29. I know what I can carry, and it will bring what he asks me to take.

“If someone wants me to bring something else, using 50 million euros for a person’s style, but what we want and where we want to be, I just gave it, what I need the team.”

Hughton’s attention was observed in the Bong months during the reign of Amex when he began the process of redeploying the Albion championship force and they beat Wigan, who was a couple of weeks behind League One.

Bong moved to England to join laticated patients every 18 months in Greece when Olympiakos became acidic.

“I played all the games and injured after 12 weeks,” he said. “I played, however, for the Champions League game, injection and three days after being in my armpits, which I did four weeks ago.

“The doctor told me to stop because he stopped my career, Cameroon have qualified for the World Cup, I told the boss and they called me, I did not play because I was injured, but we can get the World Cup and I want to be there .

When I got back, he was not happy to go. I do not understand why. Greece is not an easy country either. I like it, but it’s not easy, many things I can not say.

“It’s a big club, but the manager just changed (attitude), he did not, and I decided to go next year.” They did not want me to go, but I stayed six months without playing because they had to pay. with Olympiakos and I signed up for Wigan for only three months.

I just want to play. I can go back to France because I have a French team that wants me. But if I had returned to France, it would have been good to return.

“If I come to England, people will see what Gaetan Bong can do.”

Bong was part of Albion’s success at Hughton (above), taking them to third and second place in the tournament.

Premier League and FA Cup

They are now 12th in the quarter-finals of the Premier League and FA Cup and they are working to prolong the undefeated momentum in both areas for seven matches against Arsenal’s Amex on Sunday (13.30).

Bong took steps from the second level to the first level. “It’s different, different styles of football,” he said. “More quality players are faster

“This tournament is more physical and football: you have to adapt to the Premier League, and there are many players who can do it.

“You can not play as well as the Premier League, you have to change and find a way to improve, for you and your team.”

Bong followed José Izquierdo from a kidnapping to the left of the Colombian club of Bruges.

Their partnership grew especially during the unbeaten four-wheelers of Albion. It was paired with a 2-0 defeat at Emirates Arsenal in early October when injuries and suspensions, the choice of Hughton striker had destroyed until Izzy Brown (below) for use in nine errors.

Bongilla has a vision of the Izquierdo type of South American talent that has formed in France in the years.

He said: “When I was young, I liked the place and Rivaldo, he was my favorite, every day I have Rivaldo everywhere.

“Metz was his first professional, I was 16-17 when I played the first professional game.

“I learned football in France, they have a very good player, I see something else in the UK, it’s a good player force, a different way of thinking.

“In France, they know that something is physically lost, but they simply want it technically and mentally ready to play.

Once the muscles are built, everything will come. I was surprised that when I was in France, I did not hear English children. In England they have a very good young player, they probably have a greater chance.

“It’s difficult because if you play in the best leagues in the world, if you can buy players by the millions, you want someone who can already play.

“When you reach the ranks, they always give less respect than someone outside, which is difficult, I think they should give something better, even here in Brighton, we have a good young player.”

Bong was one of them – Lewis Dunk – in fourth Albion on Sunday four and Arsenal tried to sell another challenge that you know he did not escape.

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