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AB De Villiers Did Not Retire From Test Cricket

AB de Villiers was ready for the Test series in New Zealand in March, while he recovered from his elbow injury, but said he did not retire from Test cricket.

Priority For The World Cup 2019

while the destruction of speculation in the past that he will leave a long format, AB de Villiers, however, that the priority for the World Cup play-limited opportunities for cricket in 2019.

“It’s a good question. I am not. I am not there yet,” de Villiers said in Johannesburg on Tuesday, when asked if he would return to the Test. “It is because I only have to work with my head. Since a few years, something comes to mind, which is definitely not to again win the World Cup. And for me to make the World Cup 2019 I really can not be serious in any form.

Make Sure That We Lift The Trophy

“Therefore, we had a series of tests in New Zealand. There I will be, for the ODIs, and I certainly did not retire from cricket Test because I intend to return to some areas. For me, and, as important is the 2019 world Cup. I want to make sure you get there. I want to make sure that we lift the trophy, of course, there are other lovely family and home, but the main reason . I do it in the world Cup, I feel that if I do not play all formats of all time, so mentally and physically I will not be at their best. ”

Haroon Lorgat, CSA chief executive, said the statement Villiers’ not surprising, because he is involved in discussions with the batter. “We gave him the freedom to take off, which will be laid off in the World Cup 2019 is a very important part of our plans.

“I knew it was a hard time for all the players have, what I mean is that we will get a chance again, now has the time to put it this way – .. What she is, is [ingula ] when they come all the way to 2019. ”

Lorgat said he was confident Villiers will be given a series of tests in England this summer. “I did take one round at a time. Make sure you find time for the Champions Trophy in England, he will be fully fit to go forward and I am. Appetite has returned, what because then it will be time well. I believe that England must show that he wants to be there. ”

Earlier Villiers South African radio 702 that he did not “Test cricket board.” But he said he would like to manage their weight to be fit for the World Cup 2019.

“My ultimate goal is to get to the World Cup in 2019, and everything to get there I would have done. It is important to play any other way, but mentally and physically, we have to be a good place to come out of world Cup 2019, and this is what I meant. I know it is still far away and it is about managing better from there.

“I want to make choices. It is not easy for me. I always manage to face a man went to the front did not want to lose the game in South Africa. But [the] times today it was really difficult to play all formats, especially at the age of 32, when most cricketers do not go past the age of 35. If you have an account, it takes me to the year 2019, 2020 at the latest. it may be that the time was not yet in the form of there are titles that make up the boys. ”

De Villiers said he had an elbow injury that prevented him from cricket since August last year and is expected to return to Sri Lanka T20I third came on 25 January.

“I injured my elbow this for a while now, but again I am fully fit and I played in the last T20 in Cape Town on 25 and then the ODIs,” de Villiers said. “I am excited to get started.”

The latest news about de Villiers ‘future test came after comments from the South African captain offered test Plesiss coach Russell Domingo indicate uncertainty about De Villiers’ struck back.

De Villiers, 32, has not played a test since January 2016, when he was captain Hashim Amla action. He took over in the middle of four test series against England, which lost 2-1 to South Africa in the middle of discussions own weight. De Villiers took the first part of the series describes the need to “keep our cool” and “Can not play all forms of cricket.”

Premier League Caribbean

At the end of the series, was the captain Villiers remained under investigation and he accepted the job of commitment to the full South Africa. But he is sidelined with an elbow after the Premier League Caribbean in July, first, I chose a conservative approach to treatment involves rest and recovering from surgery. He left a series of two tests against New Zealand in August. In October, he had not yet arrived, and he had to be performed in the ODIs and Test series against Australia. Du Plessis was captain in his absence and led South Africa to win the series in the two operations.

De Villiers was in December, the test against Sri Lanka at home before, and resigned the test captaincy earlier this month. Du Plessis was confirmed as leader of South Africa to win the series.

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