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Privacy Policy

This privacy policy is designed to explain, how breaking news expose collect and use the information that is shared by the website. The information is obtained from difference online services and also through different websites that are associated and managed, even operated by breaking news expose. This policy is applied to the information which is gained through the direct services and the communication between the partnered service providers. This does not cover any of the material by any third party website which is not in partnership with the breaking news expose. If you are using our website to gain information then you agree to accept the material which is displayed on the website which is collected and shared on this website and you also agree that if you are gaining information from this website then you must assure us that we will not be harm from any of your ill intentions. You are even encouraged to provide us information and to give us authentic information since we will verify your news. Following policy points are applicable which are as follows.

1) Automatic collection of information
Breaking news expose is linked with other third party contractors who provide information on regular basis and this is done through third party services because they guide us on collection of information from different sources, so we can understand the need of our consumers
2) Cookies / Tracking Technologies
The cookies and the tracking technologies are used to identify a unique computer and when you visit then cookies are send to your computer which are then saved on your computer. This is done to identify a unique browser and this way we know that how many people are visiting us and how many times they have visited us.
3) Information you choose to send
As we have already mentioned that we always encourage our readers to write to us also, we view all your written material and we also pick the best written material. For encouragement, we also publish the material provided to us by our readers.
4) Information we receive from other sources
We add the information that we collect with external records to learn more about our users to better tailor the content and bids we show you and for other purposes. We will receive this information from you from public sources or from third parties, including sellers of data on consumers and advertisers. We combine the information we receive from these other sources with the information we collect through the services. In these cases, we will use this Privacy Policy to combine information.
5) Information Use
We are also providing information and collecting it also, which can include the personal data also.

1- You are encouraged to make an account with us and to also provide us your biography and your contact information.
2- We provide customer services
3- We provide information regarding the services and products that you requested.
4- You can even apply to us and send us your CV
So, this privacy policy is covering the use and the sharing policy of this information.