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Xi Jinping re-elected as president of China

On Saturday, the Chinese parliament unanimously declared Xi Jinping the president of the country.
On Sunday, Parliament decided to change the constitution to limit the presidential election, which means that Xi will last forever.
Wang Qishan, the former great cemetery, an important ally of President Xi Jinping, was elected as vice president.

Xi Jinping as president

Homemade rubber stamps, made in China in particular, unanimously resumed Xi Jinping as president on Saturday.

Unluler was followed by reporters in the big mansion in Pekin.

The legislative body is full of strong representatives of the Communist Party, which means that the re-election of Xi has never been questioned. On Sunday, parliament decided to change the constitution
Xi can be early.

Wang Qishan, an important ally of President Xi Jinping, was elected Vice-President on Saturday, an early initiative exceeding the Convention.
Emphasize Xi’s dominant power.

The money bowed twice and then walked to Xie to shake hands after a voice was heard in the Great Hall of the Beijing People’s Party. Only one who voted against Wang for 2,970 votes.

Former US prime minister

Money is also known as “firefighters” because it has been playing an important role in resolving problems such as corruption and domestic economic problems for years. The money also has the experience of the former US prime minister, who goes to Washington every year for economic negotiations.

Xi’s corruption is an important player. Here, including dozens of senior prisoners, Zhou Yongkang, who has been living all his life for fear of security while being arrested as the best fighter of our time throughout his tenure.

The appointment of money has traditionally had an opportunity to reshape the role of the ceremony.

China’s role in the US can play an important role in the role of leadership diplomats and resources

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