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WWE Hall of Famer Bruno Sammartino dies at the age of 82

Bruno Sammartino, one of the most famous stars in WWE’s history, died at the age of 82, WWE said Wednesday morning

Sammartino was the world’s furthest world champion, holding the title for almost eight consecutive years. He started his record title when he defeated Buddy Rogers in Madison Square Garden on May 17, 1963.

He will not leave the band until the loss of Ivan Koloff on January 18, 1971.

After winning the title in December 1973, Sammartino continued his three-year run, which is also one of the world’s five longest titles in his history.

These titles rule out Sammartino’s site as the WWF center of Vincence J. McMahon, later became WWF and then WWE.

Sammartino, an Italian immigrant

“The Italian Superman” has replaced over 180 sold out concerts in Madison Square Garden and has had many unforgettable competitions against Superstar Billy Graham, Killer Kowalski, Gorilla Monsoon and George “The Animal” Steele.

After falling into a company that lasted for more than two decades, Sammartino returned to the fold in 2013 when he was brought to WWE Hall of Fame by Arnold Schwarzenegger in Madison Square Garden.

It was introduced to Hall of Fame at Madison Square Gardens, it’s the biggest thing in my life, “said Sammartino in an interview his 2013 WWE Hall of Fame induction.” Whenever people feel that you have achieved so much, the Hall of Fame, of course, it is great for me, a great excitement. I had many successes because of my appearance in the garden. ”

Sammartino, an Italian immigrant who moved to the United States as a teenager, has become a cultural icon in the northeastern United States over a 30-year career.

“No one deserves recognition for a big star and paves the way for today’s stars more than Bruno,” says WWE CEO Paul “Triple H” Levesque at the time of Sammartin’s induction. “Everything we have today in business, Bruno was the cornerstone of this foundation.”

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