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Witnesses report a huge explosion at the US embassy in Beijing

BREAKING: The US Embassy in Beijing was hit by a huge explosion. Smoke is filled with a busy area, while officials crash into the building.

SMOKE retreats to Beijing after a huge blast hit the US Embassy in the Chinese capital.

Witnesses have reported a massive explosion as dozens of officials appear in the area.

People gathered outside the folder because the smoke is filled with a busy city.

US embassy explosion

The explosion dropped after a man allegedly threw a home bomb into a closed area, according to local media.

Chinese media say the witnesses reported that the man was planning to fire the explosive to the embassy but exploded before he could get through the fence to injure people and the police car on his way.

Reports, however, are in contradiction with other media claiming that the police must stop a woman who pours petrol.

Global times stated: “According to police witnesses, she took a woman who sprayed gasoline on herself in a suspicious attempt at self-renewal.”

Chinese and US officials have yet to report an incident.

The embassy is now closed to the surrounding corridors.

People in the area are sending pictures and videos from the Twitter scene and sharing them on the Chinese Weibo website.

The US Embassy in Beijing said embassy staff were not injured.

An embassy worker said South China’s Post Office in South China could not confirm details of the incident, but the workers in the compound were not reported any injuries.

One video shows that the army and the police are working around something under a blue tarpaulin in an area outside the area.

Witness Jimmy Zhong tweeted: “Something just exploded at the US embassy in Beijing, China just minutes ago, smoke everywhere.”

Chinese correspondent BBC Stephen McDonnell said police say their crew is not playing a movie.

He followed the tweet: “It seems that things really go back to normal, people get dressed again, etc. That would probably indicate that it’s not that serious.”

Another journalist working for the Republic of TV, Aditya Raj Kaul, spoke with the representative of India, Ambassador to Beijing Gautama Bambawl.

The Embassy of India is next.

“We heard a blast, and we are right next door, there’s no death, it’s a low-intensity blast, all the Indians are safe,” he told reporters.

He said the Chinese police were investigating a vehicle outside the US Embassy.

The incident occurred in Chaoyang District, where there are a number of foreign embassies, including the US, India, Israel and South Korea.

The US Embassy has significant security measures, including the bulletproof glass wall, and is the world’s third largest diplomatic mission in the world behind its embassies in Baghdad and Yerevan

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