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Child’s birth Father dismiss from the job.. what happen later ??

A New Hampshire man lost his job when he has to choose between work and welcoming a new baby into the world. But when word spreads his resignation, he received an outpouring of support – including a stream of new jobs.

Lamar Austin worked for Salerno Protection Service, private security groups to universities and retail stores. He was in the middle of a 90-day trial period, and is expected to be on call day and night.

But Mr. Austin was unable to attend turn weekend since his wife, Lindsay, went into labor – which lasted from Friday to Sunday morning, when Mr. Austin received a text saying he was “finished”

“Sometimes you lose something and you get something better,” Mr. Austin told the Concord Monitor, while with his wife and young son, Cain – the first baby born in the state of New Hampshire in 2017.

When the local newspaper first reported the story of the loss of jobs Mr. Austin, a city council member and former leave a family lawyer Sara Persechino, launched a campaign GoFundMe family.

“I do not think they need to worry about financial issues now, it should be a happy time for them,” he said. “I do not think anyone should have to choose between his family and his work.”

In addition to government support, Mr. Austin said he received three job offers and local business manager stage of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers and trade unions, AFL-CIO.

Mr. Austin former employer refused to comment on the specific case of Mr. Austin, citing trade secrets, but told the Monitor: “[Protection Service Salerno] is not practical to release the employee mentioned in the article was published, but you should know the products we offers our customers!

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