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Watch SpaceX Launches Its First Broadband Internet Satellite Here

SpaceX will launch its Falcon 9 rocket to offer satellite to the Spanish government.
The launch was planned before morning in Los Angeles, which could create visual displays, such as the operations of Iridium 4, on December 22.
SpaceX also launched its own Microsat 2a and 2b satellite for the first time in the company’s orbital design test to build a giant satellite network.

SpaceX plans to launch the previous Falcon 9 building at Vandenberg Air Force Base on Thursday.

The PAZ operation, named after Spain’s satellites, searches for low-orbit routes across the country. Although this is a reused rocket, SpaceX is not expected to make the second booster in the first stage and instead part of the missile can be directed to the sea.

The pre-dawn launch in Los Angeles may have other visual performances on December 22 as Iridium 4 missions. Due to weather conditions, just after sunset, the operation of Iridium 4 is not bare in millions of Los Angeles. SpaceX founder Elon Musk launched the video and called the drama “North Korea’s weapon-free UFO.”

Space Vangenberg spokesman Evangeline Greg Wood said in a statement that the section “was eager to support this operation as we continue to be a safe and secure access to the polar orbit.”

Introduced its satellite first time

The company also introduced its satellite for the first time, Microsat 2a and 2b, which is on track. The ship is testing a next critical step to demonstrate the viability of SpaceX, building the largest satellite network in history.

Musk confirmed the inclusion of both satellites in Wednesday’s message and said that if “successful,” a new satellite network would help the “lack of obligations” around the world.

The Starlink name, SpaceX, which was requested last year – is an ambition that no satellite network can be matched. The largest constellation being built is Iridium. The company is launching 75 Iridium Next satellites and is set to launch next year.

SpaceX will be launched in 2019, launching the first constellation of Ka / Ku low-orbit satellites of 4425. The system works as soon as 800 or more satellites are used according to FCC documents. Two test satellites rotate about 700 miles on Earth, to the last constellation.

Musk also asked that the launch be SpaceX trying to catch a missile nose ball using a quick bot called “Mr Steven.” The boat has a hammock behind it to repair a taxi.

Pruning “is a boost on the ship and the control system to make it intact, then releasing paraffin and our ship with the Catcher gloves are really giant soldiers to try to catch,” said Musk

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