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Watch Real Madrid vs Real Betis football Match

La Liga most interesting championship, with three points separating Barcelona, ​​Real Madrid and Sevilla. Therefore, there is no room for the error drive involved in Primera Liga games. Real Madrid are eager to collect three points when they face Real Betis on Sunday.

Napoli vs Real Madrid Highlights

Barcelona, ​​a lot of play for Real Madrid on Sunday is a point ahead of Real Madrid, who knows if they can go on the table after the show for Barca. If Barcelona lose or draw against Real Betis and Deportivo Real Madrid’s win, Zinedine Zidane can be moved from the side of the table. However, they can not rely on other results too much and focus only on Real Betis.

Of a possible total of 12 points in the last four games, Real Madrid have collected seven points. They are aware that the competition is tough and they can not afford to lose points to win the championship. Zidane’s leader now wants his players to focus on each game until the end of the season.

“We will do everything we can to win all the games at home, and there are no points lost, we have managed to do so far and we have to focus on the implementation and do a good job, we will always try to win the game, or at least your No less, “the official website of the Real Madrid.

“We can not hold done so far this season.We can do things better and play better, but what has been done so far, very good.Now we are facing the most difficult and important.It did not take too long left, and each point Is crucial.What we have to do when this is not bad, but how we can do this step by the end of the season will be very important. ”

While Gareth Bale serving a red card against Barcelona, ​​Real Madrid is a bullet to replace the likes of Alvaro Morata always refused a place in the starting eleven.

Difficult task against Real Madrid

Real Betis may be in 14th place but they have a better half are managed by Victor Sanchez Gus Poyet was replaced in November 2016. They have a good brand of football Sanchez but they are also aware of the difficult task against Real Madrid.

Real Player Betis Madrid can come to the defense of the action, world-class who can score goals for fun. Real Betis have to be patient and be quick to address goals.

Overall, Real Madrid are favorites, and although Real Betis managed by the way, is a big surprise in the Spanish Championship

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