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Vladimir Putin expected more Presidential Success

President Vladimir Putin will have an expected success on Sunday and will be asked to select a jury of the rival for six years, while voters for the first time receive a ticket for promotional concerts.

Putin faces seven rickets, but Alexei Navalny, the more serious opponent, can not give what he calls punishment for corruption.

Opposition members and other observers – including 1,500 foreigners – split into 11 Russian time zones while looking at the elections held at 97,000 elections. The value will end at 14:00 EDT.

Votes for Moscow

The election officials reported that voters seemed to be bigger than Putin, a former KGB agent, strongly opposed and allegedly alleged. Voters also expressed constraints and multiple votes.

The Navalny group said that the Russians had an urn full of additional votes, the internet showing an official attack as an observer, showing the flag of surveillance cameras and a few votes scandal Vaaliuurnien.

When he votes for Moscow, Putin, at the age of 65, believes he can win the fourth period.

I am sure that this course is established, “he said.

Yekaterinburg Datuk Yevgeny told Roizman Associated Press that he had issued “higher” orders to other local and state officials to ensure that the voting results were over 60%.

According to the AP, Moscow received free tickets for its first election pop concerts and health officials offered free samples of what they had eaten.

At the age of 43, he wondered if he was eligible to vote.

Presidential election in 2016

“But the answer is very simple … if I want to continue, I agree,” Evgeny said, not wanting to give her last name.

Russia should see its influence in the US presidential election in 2016 and use military class nerve gas to poison Russian soil on British soil.

Russia has also been criticized for its involvement in the Crimea and its support for the assassination of Syrian President Bashar Assad.

But he will not give Putin time to vote.

“I voted for Putin in Lyubov Kacha, a professor in Russia.”

“If there’s something bad at the moment, thank the world for treating us so badly while trying to answer us”

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