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Violence in London: Seven other injuries to the city

Seven other people were injured in a stabbings in London, while violent crime in the capital continues.

A boy at the age of 13 was seriously injured in an attack in Newham in East London, and another in late teens suffered a stab wound in Ealing, West London.

Twenty-year-old boys and 16-year-olds were hurt on Mile End, and the next 15 years were stabbed in Poplar.

The man, at the age of 40, was stabbed in Herne Hill in south-eastern London, but his injury is not considered serious.

The man was held in suspicion of attempted murder in connection with an attack on Mile End, and the injured 16-year-old, who had minor injuries, was also arrested.

Meanwhile, protesters and community leaders gathered at Hackney Central Station in East London and asked for the end of recent bloodshed.

He will come after mayor of London Sadiq Khan denied that police “lost control of London crime” as a result of more than 50 murders in the capital this year.

Tanesha Melbourne was shot and killed

On Wednesday, 18-year-old Israel Ogunsola was stabbed to death in Link Street, Hackney.

On Monday, 17-year-old Tanesha Melbourne was shot and killed in Tottenham, before 16-year-old Amaan Shakoor of Leyton was shot dead in Walthamstow. He died the next day.

Metropolitan Police says the juvenile who was stabbed on Ealing Broadway on Thursday at around 7pm on Thursday is still unknown. The ambulance was taken to the hospital.

The boy who was attacked on Gainsborough Avenue, Newham, at about the same time, is also in the hospital.

The police said three young men were arrested on suspicion of serious bodily injury with intent in connection with this event.

At Mile End, three people were treated at the London ambulance at a place on Grove Road at about 18:00.

Two seriously injured were taken to the hospital, but the 16-year-old was arrested for suspicion of conspiring to sever severe injuries after treatment of minor injuries.

The 15-year-old man, stabbed in the East Indies Dock Road in Polar East London, is in a stable state.

In protest against Hackney, people collapsed around the entrance to the station before blocking their fists in a broad circle solidarily for those who were killed.

Organizers of the Protest New Generation Leadership – Generally known as G.A.N.G. – asked people to share their stories and begged to end the killing via the megaphone.

Activist Boogz, 40, said, “We are trying to drive these kids to let them know that their life is not in the right direction.

“I want to tell them this is not life.

“All the music you listen to that celebrates such a thing, all the money it sees, all the cars that see people driving, selling lies, selling false narratives-and we’re here to change their story.”

Four hours before Ogunsola was stabbed, the Hackney Police were also called into betting offices on Upper Clapton Road.

After the quarrel, news of the unconscious person appeared.

The medical staff tried to help victims at the age of 53, but the place was pronounced dead.

The man was arrested and will be investigated by murderous detectives from the London City Police, who have entered the Met Met and Major Hidden Crime (HMCC) for “current demand”.

There was also a deadly stinging suspect thief in the middle of Hither Green, south-east London, and on Thursday, a man in his mid-20s was stabbed in Walthamstow. His injuries are not considered life-threatening.

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