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University Bridge, Florida collapses, “squeezing people”

According to local press reports, officials confirmed the fall of the podium at Florida International University.

A photo of the Miami show collection was distributed on social media on Thursday night.

CBS Miami said the 950-ton wing only increased on Saturday.

The Miami Herald reported that an unknown number of people were trapped under the bridge built on the highway.

According to local press reports, the Florida Highway Patrol reported that several people were killed and five cars were crushed.

The aerial photos appear as the first participant to try to get the car under the bridge.

The University has expressed its opinion that the redemption process is continuing.

Miami-Dade Emergency Management confirmed the collapse and called local residents to leave the area

It is unclear how many people were injured or under the bridge, but the photos of local journalists show that their vehicles show less than a cumulative decline.

Florida Governor Rick Scott said of Twitter’s collapse: “I am a Miami-Dade District police commander, Juan Perez, talking about the collapse of the bridge, I’m in contact with law enforcement all day long …”

A testimony to the collapse told ABC News that the scream of the car was “terrible”.

People at universities should avoid

Tiona Page, “I looked, I saw every time I was flying.” Said. “I know you’ve collapsed.”

The Miami Herald said it has long claimed that people at universities should avoid the following traffic from bridges belonging to unionized students.

In August 2017, when a person crosses a busy road, a student is hit and killed.

The university announced a new wavy bridge on Twitter a few days ago.

Local sources said that in 2019, the public opened a 174 meter (53 m) cable pedestrian bridge.

Cost is $ 14.2 million (£ 12.5 million) and financed by the US Department of Transportation.

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