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Trump’s power is “export freedom,” said Rick Perry of CPAC

Energy Secretary Rick Perry said on Friday that President Trump’s “energy force” should be made for global export freedom by becoming a producer of natural gas.

“We do not take the United States [liquefied natural gas] around the world, we take liberty,” Perry said Friday about conservative political activities outside Washington, Oxon Hill, Md.

Countries that receive LNG energy from the US are “free from countries that will affect the values ​​of these countries,” he said.

Liberty of export

Perry calls for the new “liberty of export” of the American twenty-first century.

The United States becomes a clean natural gas by 2017 and is expected to be a clean oil by 2020.

Perry noted that the benefits of the energy market are related to the Bloom President Project’s deregulation program, which helps the government support the shale gas bottle.

According to the previous administration, the goal is to “break the road,” called “abuse” of Perry.

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