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Trump’s attorney Michael Cohen pays $ 130,000 to Stormy Daniels for his own money

Personal President Timothy Trump President Michael D. Cohen said on Tuesday that he paid $ 130,000 his own fee for a pornographic actor who claimed to have contact with Mr. Trump.

In a more detailed explanation of the payout in 2016, actress Stephanie Clifford, who served as a Trump consultant for a decade, said she was not paid any compensation.

New York Times statement

“Both the Trump organization and the Trump campaign are not involved in the Clifford deal, and none of them compensated me directly or indirectly,” Cohen said in a New York Times statement. “Payment for Clifford is valid and no one is spending on campaigns or campaigns.”

He refuses to answer some of the next questions, including whether Trump knows how to pay the fee, why he pays the payment or that he has made the same payment to others for years.

Mr Cohen said earlier that Trump denied ties with Clifford, whose artist was Stormy Daniels.

Cohen‘s statement on what he calls “private business” is the first time he recognizes the role of payments made by the Wall Street Journal for the first time in January.

Mr. Cohen said he filed a similar statement to the federal election commission in response to a complaint from the board of Cause Common alleging that payments made for Cohen’s shares would be bad for the Trump campaign.

Prosecutors are also trying to figure out whether Trump or others paid the fee.

“The complaint states that I am one or another financial law of the rikkoinut campaign, simplifying the excess, the benefits of the goods,” Cohen said in a statement. “The allegations in the complaint are not really supported and of no legal importance and his advice was given to F.E.C”

He said

he no longer commented on the committee’s complaints “or Mrs. Clifford.”

Mr. Cohen was one of Trump’s most powerful supporters with the Trump organization. He told reporters in the 2016 presidential campaign that even false information about Mr. Trump could be harmful if they were printed. Ms. Clifford told her story about In Touch magazine in 2011 and the Gossip site, TheDirty.com. Both accounts were released last month after the payment report for 2016

In the fall of 2016

, Clifford spoke again with the news channel, this time more important. Cohen’s payment would have been announced a few weeks before election day – along with the release of the “Access Hollywood” tape that encouraged Mr. Trump to kidnap the female genitalia without his consent.

Mrs. Clifford had a relationship with Mr. Trump not being openly banned. Cohen’s January statement declined to contest the issue, but in the interview he declined to answer those questions directly.

She was one of two women who claimed to have done business with En. Trump, but they were silent under the legal agreement. Another is Karen McDougal’s former Playboy model. Mrs. McDougal sold her story to the National Enquirer, but she did not print it, the magazine was reported in 2016.

Hope Hicks, now director of the White House, told reporters that the case report was “totally incorrect” and that the Trump campaign had no information on the payment of any McDougal

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