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Trump videos that make Muslim fans

WASHINGTON (AP) – President Donald Trump on Wednesday changed several provocative videos that demand violence against Muslims.

Trump sent a message early in the morning and brought them to the deputy chief of the British right wing extremist group of Jayda Fransen, a small group at the edge whose profile drew attention to that point.

Tweet it groups like the following: “VIDEO: Muslims dismantle the teenager’s roof and kill him!” And “VIDEO: Muslims destroy the image of the Virgin Mary!” And “VIDEO: A Muslim converts against the Dutch underarms!”

Islam in Britain

The first United Kingdom was an extreme right-wing group opposed to various cultures and what was “Islam” in Britain. It was conducted for candidates in local and national elections, with little success, and opposed the construction and expansion of the mosque.

Trump did not explain why he broke the video. It offers the extermination of a tough anti-Islamic presidential rhetoric campaign and tries to immigrate from certain countries, with most actions in Muslim countries.

After Trump was a Consumer Video, France responded quickly on Twitter and he said: “DONALD TRUMP, this video and removed 44 million followers of TRUMP Bless God Bless America!”

France has been accused of causing disruptions in brochures and videos released earlier this year in criminal cases. He was accused specifically of using “threatening, reduced or offensive words or behavior” in his speech in Northern Ireland in August. He is saving himself.

He was sentenced to prison last year for religious harassment and fine, defeating a Muslim woman wearing a veil.

The reinstatement of Trump, Brendan Cox, a lawyer Jo Cox passed away last year, right-wing extremist scene.

Cox wrote all the tweets: “Trump is confirmed a right-wing extremist on his own, he is now trying to get our anger out, the outbreak and the president should be ashamed.

Tweet Trump also condemns television presenter Piers Morgan who wrote on Twitter: “Good morning, Mr. President @realDonaldTrump – what did you do in a pile of unconfirmed video land The first British couple who disgustal extreme extremists?

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