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Trump, took over Brad Parscale for his campaign in 2020

President Donald Trump kept digital media director Brad Parscale on schedule for a campaign that announced Tuesday’s campaign for the 2016 campaign.

The announcement was look like initially destroyed by the Magic Report, which was hosted by a gentle man Matt Drudge, a significant influence in the White House. However, it is not surprising that Trump will be re-elected in 2020 – it has been a long drive since 2017 – but it was striking that he felt he had to choose a campaign manager for three years before the election.

White House press secretary Sarah Sanders said in June 2017 that Trump will be sent to re-election in 2020.

“Of course, it ran to be re-elected,” Sanders said.

Eric Trump, one of the President’s sons, praised Parscale as a “perfect gift”. This is “decisive achievement in 2016,” he said.

In a version of the campaign he said, “Our family’s confidence was perfect and the best person in the campaign.”

president and senior adviser Jared Kushner said that Parscale’s “necessary to get disciplined technology and database-driven approaches with the implementation of the campaign in 2016”.

The campaign also said in a statement that “by giving general support, implementing and supporting political supporters, including Trump state and state supporters,” in the mid-week elections of 2018, he said.

He plays an important role in Trump, in the mid-range. The presidential party will lose its history in the first elections after the White House defeat. Trump started looking for this ground hoping to encourage fans to lose their stories

Brad Parscale

Parscale remains an active force in his political activities – first in America – when he enters the White House. Florida-based Parscale, Parscale Strategy, the Republican National Committee and others. Create a small donor database.

Parscale never worked politics before joining the Trump campaign in 2015. His candidates and family knew he had been working on the Trump website for several years, helping the company design and develop a digital strategy for Trump cuisine.
Although Trump enters the three aggressive presidential campaign, Parscale’s close partner, Jared Kushner, is a constant and silent entity.
In the 2016 campaign, Parscalen Trump’s official name was a digital trainer, but he grew behind the scenes: working closely with ex-Katie Walsh member and RNC National Committee, which controls TV advertising and digital advertising campaigns, builds small dollar- closed the call

In digital advertising, Parscale included Facebook employees as a campaign to promote Trump and use Hillary Clinton to cut down on social media better.
Unprecedented spending on digital media does not agree with the candidates. During the campaign Trump Parscale asked how he was using the money in anger.
“I do not believe these huge digital things.” Parscale remembered Trump yelling at him.
“It crushed, the first time I was alone … I never screamed at anyone, do not tell me,” said Parscale, who was “60 minutes” from GIS last year.
Despite dressing, he continues to focus on the costs of digital media.
In fact, he said last week about the campaign he saw Clinton triumphant Trump’s potential to move, and he was convinced that Trump and Ohio, who did not believe victory in Virginia, would win the Trump which devoted his money.
Cale Pars “for 60 minutes” I took all the money and cents to other places, moved to Michigan and Wisconsin, and started to buy digital TV commercials. ”
When Parscale won Trump, the president thanked the elected person and then made it clear that he understood the name “jumbo mumbo jumbo items”.


Parscale has repeatedly repeated that he does not recognize Russian operations to influence Trump and Clinton campaigns in 2016. The interpreter, Senator and Parliamentary Committee, who left the meeting closed last year, said that he left the translator when he came in the absence of Russia.
The Parscale hybrid is a major conservative accounting firm that has been holding the controversial action at Cambridge Analytica for the Trump campaign.
In 2016, Cambridge Analytica CEO Alexander Nix tried to get WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange to try to gain better political interest than Clinton’s aggressive form. The company, Nix, told Assange that he never reached, but CNN said that Nix told Clinton he wanted to make an email request database.

Parscale said he insisted that he did not know it and Matt Oczkowski – the only reason you offered Cambridge Analytica because he wanted to choose a digital expert. Parscale eventually produced more than 10 Cambridge Analytica employees as analysts in the Trump campaign. Parscale said the campaign never used crude raw data from Cambridge Analytica.
An analysis of Koz campaign data was reported by CNN private consultant Robert Mueller in May 2017.
Parscale published a special certificate at the Assembly Intelligence Commission meeting last year as part of his research into Russian intervention.

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