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Trump rising interest rates

Trump says he is “not excited” about rising interest rates in the US

WASHINGTON – US President Donald Trump told CNBC on Thursday he is not thrilled by the Federal Reserve’s decision to raise interest rates on the television network.

I’m not excited, “he said in a CNBC interview.” Because we go upstairs and always go upstairs, they want to raise rates again. I’m not, I’m not happy. But at the same time I let them do what they think best. ”

“I do not like everything we put into the economy, and then I see that rates are rising,” CNBC said.

Feared Fed’s interest rate

Trump added that he feared that the Fed’s interest rate hike could “disadvantage the United States”, while Bank of Japan and the European Central Bank would release their monetary policy, CNBC said.

His comments on CNBC were not the first time Trump had deviated from the long-term practice of US presidents who did not comment on the Fed’s policy and the value of the dollar.

The US dollar index .DXY has lowered its profits following Trump’s remarks that the strong dollar “hampers us”, while US dollar yields with minimum interest rates have reached. US share prices briefly resembled losses following Trump’s comments on interest rates

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