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Trump Russia Says: FBI Director To Testify In Congress

Two US intelligence chief is willing to testify before Congress about the possible relationship with Russia and President Donald Trump.

They also unfounded allegations Mr. Trump that he took advantage of addressing the pastor of Barack Obama.

FBI Director James Coney and NSA Admiral Mike Rogers testified about the public hearing Congressional intelligence committees are rare.

Mr Trump called the trial “a witch hunt”.

Russia denies trying to influence the US presidential election.

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What are the arguments?

In January, US intelligence services the Kremlin said it had supported hackers Mr. Trump defeating Hillary Clinton to help the e-mail account and senior Democrats issued shamed them to explode.

The CIA report, the FBI and the National Security Agency (NSA) said that Russian leader Vladimir Putin “ordered” the campaign, which aims to influence the election.

Since then, Mr. Trump has faced charges that his campaign team has a relationship with the Russian authorities.

Devin Nunes

Republican Devin Nunes, Chairman of the Intelligence Committee, and Adam Schiff, the panel’s lead Democrat, led to an investigation into the allegations.

Mr. Nunes said on Sunday that “everyone me this morning”, not “no evidence” that the Trump campaigns, in collusion with Russia.

Former National Intelligence Director James Clapper also said he saw no evidence of any secrecy until he left office in January.

However, Mr. Schiff said he saw evidence that Americans live in one of Russia’s influence in the vote.

“There is circumstantial evidence of collusion, direct evidence, I think, of fraud,” Schiff said. “It’s enough for us to explore.”

Has each campaign member been accused of fraud?

Two senior government officials arrested alleged Trump – Michael Flynn, former national security adviser, and Justice Minister Jeff Sessions.

Flynn was separated last month after she cheated the House on her deliberations White Russian ambassador before being appointed national security adviser.

Sergey Kislyak

He will discuss United States sanctions, Ambassador Sergey Kislyak. It is illegal for people to enter US diplomacy.

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At the same time, Sayın Sessions blamed Democrats for lying in oath in January.

He said, “I do not speak to the Russians,” but then I learned that the campaign was met during the Count of Kislyak.

Say Sessions denied any wrong, but the alleged interference in Russia’s elections was moved out of the FBI investigation.

What about Count Say Trump against Obama?

Monday hearing President Trump said he planned to take advantage of the Trump Tower phone in New York, which started during the Obama administration’s campaign.

Mr. Trump has not put forward any evidence and the Republicans and Democrats have rejected the idea of ​​the right authorities. Obama’s verbal assertions rejected.

Say no to the judicial comments on the Nunes documents released on Friday that spying told Fox News Sunday.

Some Republicans said they would apologize if Mrs. Trump handed it over to support their allegations.
As such expressions?

Observers say they blame both governance and progress on other areas of Trump’s appointment policy.

Critics Say Trump Obama hits America’s credibility with the alleged assassins and the implications of their implications.


Last week, Obama’s GCHQ intelligence agency ordered Mr. Say Trump to listen to that spokesman Sean Spicer Say Trump repeatedly helped analyst Fox News.

The British government praised the government and rejected GCHQ’s assertions “absolutely ridiculous.”

At the same time, Mr. Trump and some Republicans called the Russian ambassador to Flynn called out for an inquiry into intelligence fugitives, including leakages that appeared elsewhere.


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