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Trump retweeted video What actually is ?

US President Donald Trump has broken the next series of videos Jayda Frans Up, which is on the right side of the first right of the United Kingdom.

All three publications appeared to have been violent Muslims, and Trump members ran fast.

But does this video look like they say?

The first shows the “lieutenant of the Muslims“, which attacks the young man’s armpits.

The video appears to be shared in Dutch Dumpert’s photo and video archive, whose brand appears in the upper left corner of the video.
However, the video was released on the site in May 2017 at the request of the police and the families of the victims.

Unlike the other two, the argument in this tweet seems to have little content.
But Telegraaf announced that the police had made two arrests related to the video. The two men arrested were Edam-Volendam and Monnickendam in North Holland.

A spokesman for the Dutch prosecutor’s office confirmed that an attacker was “born and raised in the Netherlands” and that he was not a migrant worker, such as a social media outpost.

The author’s religion is unknown.

Another video of Mr. Trump insulted shows a man portraying the Virgin Mary.

The video was sent to YouTube in 2013 under the title “Arabic,” which means: “Terrorists are destroying the image of the Virgin Mary in Syria.”

The video-man officially talks about Fusha arabe, making it difficult to identify his citizenship.

However, the New York Times recognizes the male Muslim cleric of Abo Omar Ghabra, who spoke in 2013 in the Idlib region of Syria.

The New York Times also refers to the destruction of religious iconography, “the broader Muslims have cursed long ago.”

This video can be heard by a general who says: “Who worship not only God in the land of Levant”, who will say that he is a member of the militant Islamic group of Al-Nusra Front.

The third rhythm video is shared with the words: “VIDEO: The Islamic mafia threw tea on the roof and beat it by death.”

The graphic video will be among supporters of Mohammed Morsi and Egyptian opponents who died in 2013.

The video was seen as Hamad Badr (19), pushed from the top of the building in the Sidi Gaber area of ​​Alexandria. He died in the hospital.

In 2015, the assassination of Hamad Badr was suspended in Mahmoud Ramadan, seen as a black flag

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