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Trump likes “Snake”, but the lyrics of Oscar Brown Jr. the other is quite legible

He did it again. President Donald Trump recited his favorite poem “The Snake” during his speech at a recent conservative political conference.

He made him blow up his base when he talked about immigration – it was to break his campaign tour in 2016 and he still was his purse at random. its fans will eat it, the drama, written in 1963 in activists, poets, writers and musicians of Chicago, Oscar Brown Jr. and Aesop, are based on stories of suspicion and betrayal. Trump invites his followers to believe that a “snake” poem represents an immigrant who arrives in the United States.

In another interpretation, as I did in this case, perhaps Trump himself was a “snake.” Päättekö.

Perhaps the Brown family who died in 2005 did not consider Trump taking poetry to promote the message that Brown would not support. Brown, Maggie and African women repeatedly asked Trump to stop using poetry, popularized by Al Wilson in 1968.

In an interview with MSNBC on Sunday in response to the narrative period for Trump at CPAC, Maggie Brown said: “He is an Oscar flaw of his campaign and the climate of intolerance and resentment, contrary to what the original author Oscar Brown Jr. “.

During the 2016 campaign, African Brown said in the Radio-Canada CBC interview that better control of his father’s poem Trump would recognize the danger. “(Trump) will be cunning … let’s get the poison we see now … anger and bad feelings of anger cause … I’m sure that my father’s things believe it’s toxic to society.”

It may be helpful to expect him to hold the short-term “snake” readings, so instead, I recommend the president in depth at Oscar Brown Jr.:. Di. -Kalogue to see other songs and poems that can talk about American issues. Here are some at the beginning.

‘Brown Baby’

Brown wrote “Brown Baby” in 1960 and was recorded by Mahalia Jackson. Here is the snippet of code:

Over the years, I want you to go away, your head / I want your right to live law / I want you on the road to freedom to pass / even baby chocolate

Full text here.

Brother, where are you?

Brown “Brother Where Are You” of 1973 begins as follows:

Boy walks to the street in the city / and waits in your eyes / When he looks for the faces of the people he / she will find / Or he can identify / abang, where are you? / They say you came this way / brother, where are you? They say you come this way

Full text here.

“Offer them in ‘

Finally, the Brown ‘Special Offer’ In In “focuses on slavery, which is considered to be auctioned, of which the slave traders in the voice speak.This is how it began:

Offer them! Bring them! The sun is warm and clean. Press and go home tonight. / Offer them! / A slave auction is a high art. The young lady, Roy. She’s good to begin with.

Full text here.

In 2004, director Neal Sopata and producer Ayappa Biddanda made a short version of this animated short film.

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