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Trump jumped on Senator Alabama Racing but both were inside the yard

Senator Richard Shelby, R-Ala., Appeared flapping on Sunday and said the government “could do better” than picking the Senate to wait for Roy Moore and suggested that people need to write another candidate.

Shelby, a senior senator from the state, said he had given unreasonable votes to unrestricted Republicans.

The Republicans supported Moore, whose campaign was hampered by the sexual abuse of minors decades ago when he was a solicitor.

Moore is facing a special Democrat election on Tuesday from Doug Jones to replace Jeff Sessions, released from the Senate presidential nominated Senate by the US Attorney General.

I can not vote for Roy Moore. I did not vote for Roy Moore. But I wrote in the name of a good republic. And I think a lot of people can do it, “Shelby said in a TV show.

The alleged adult teen sex abuse is “a turning point” when Moore was rejected as a senator by a senior politician.

The states of Alabama deserve better, “he said,” there was a lot of smoke “against Moore’s charges.” I need a fire somewhere. ”

If Alabama wants Jones, he would be the first Democratic senator in Alabama for more than two decades. Trump supported Moore without fear that losing Alabama would reduce most of the Senate GOP.

Moore was the main loser in the election amid the allegations, but Trump’s approval last week, the last few moments. You are a surprise that needs your campaign to bring it to the brink.

“Refusing to give a Democrat vote to a big sore, that’s why we have to beat Republican Roy Moore in Alabama.We need him to give up voice crimes, illegal immigrants, Wall Borders, Military, Pro Life, VA, 2. Check the Judges and Many No Jones, Pelosi / Schumer Dolls! “Trump released last week when the silence of the week in Alabama

On Friday night in Florida, the president reiterated his support and registered supporters to go out and vote for Republicans.

“We can not lose a seat very close to the United States Senate,” he told the crowd. “We need someone for the Senate seat, vote for the” Great America Again “program … So go and vote for Roy Moore.

He added, “We can not afford to be a Liberal Democrat who is under the supervision of Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer … His name is Jones and he is the size doll and everyone knows

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