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Trump digs the media – and himself – on Gridiron night

WASHINGTON – President Trump made his Washington DC debut in Washington by releasing media, critics, officials and himself.

Then he said the team was wondering if he could laugh at him, Trump said at the club’s annual club dinner green, “no one self-contempt like me – no one close”

Twisting’s comments were also associated with serious issues such as immigration and North Korea, and Trump also toyed with the internal disagreements among his employees – “It was tuned in” – and broke that he was late for his critical assistant and son Jared Kushner struggling to achieve security.

The target is Justice Minister Jeff Sessions – “I take a withdrawal and he withdraws” – “he fell” and Vice President Mike Pence, who investigates Trump, said he said ex-assistant Steve Bannon talked too much with the reporters and “leaked more of the Titanic”.

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Trump is not a sharp tip from Democrats Nancy Pelosi (“Man, He’s a Crazy”), Elizabeth Warren (“Pocahontas”) and Joe Biden (“Sleepy Joe”). Trump said to Biden: “Does the man make an overwhelming statement – will he become president?”

In the media, Trump said the New York Times was an icon of New York City – “the only difference is that I still have my building.”

Trump speaks 32 minutes more than usual. At one point, he put Trump to “stop” and he had to be full of pills.

After Trump refused to surrender on Saturday, he told reporters at the Gridiron Club that he wanted to come this year and “mock the night in person.”

Founded in 1885, the club’s greenfield dinners sponsor annual sketches and songs, which seek to amuse themselves of politicians on both sides, especially the existing presidents.

Like his predecessor at dinner, Trump also had the opportunity to talk and try out the media jokes and other opponents. The president, not a professional comedian, had a few hits, but also remained silent with a few tears.

Saying he once asked how he could handle “crazy” like Kim Jong Un in North Korea, Trump said: “It’s a problem, not me.”

Washington broadcasting attacks on the media

Trump cures its annual premiere ritual in Washington broadcasting attacks on the media

The common US media is ridiculed around the world, “Trump tweet, who looks at the conservative pole criticizing him and his novelties.” They are crazy! ”

Last year, Trump refused to invite the Gridiron and another high profile press conference, the White House reporters’ dinner council. The White House said Trump had not yet decided whether the exchange of letters would take place this year at the end of April.

The Gridiron Club dinner also talks to both political parties in the tradition.

New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu joked that he could lead the parade of the “King Chaos” in New Orleans. Landrieu also joked that he understands the president’s loneliness: “I understand this solitary, as I am in the South-Democrats”

Trump raised his political aspirations

Senator Tom Cotton of Arkansas, a Republican speaker, spoke at a previous reception: Dinner Correspondent in 2011, where President Barack Obama Trump raised his political aspirations and his ever-present issue with Obama.

Cotton said the editors of the evening thought they had put Trump in place – “They did not know where he was at the Oval Office.”

The squad made reporters on Saturday included disrupting White House staff – the song “West Wing Story” – Trump tweetengewoonten and checking out special nurse Robert Mueller of the 2016 Russian elections.

A Russian song titled “You Can not Hurry Bob,” the Supremes rhythm “You Can not Hurry Hurry.”

Sketches and other songs blaspheme Democrats as presidential candidates, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders and trial leaders Charles Schumer and Nancy Pelosi.

Trump returned to Washington on a Saturday night trip to Mar-a-Lagoon, Fla, where he had an accumulated fund.

The opening of the green field lane – sung for the music of the movie Marx Brothers Duck Soup – contained the author of actor Michael Wolf played, roffend as he collected the material for his book Trump, Fire and Fury: “I am in your robe easily fraud / They argue that Trump finds For me, boys, they are naive. ”

President Gridiron, David Lightman, who often cites the disappointment of the president and the newspaper, joked that he was surprised that Trump had decided to attend because he wanted to say that he had to eat at a hotel he did not have. ”

The second time he joked about how the Trump reporter was called PR, Lightman said the president: “You can not see him, but believe me, he likes jokes.”

When he began his speech, Trump told reporters: “We are looking forward to this – no, maybe not.”

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