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Trump announces that the top of North Korea will be in Singapore

President Donald Trump will meet with North Korea’s Kim Jong Un leader on June 12, the US president announced on Thursday on Twitter.

“A very awaited meeting between Kim Jong Un and me will be held in Singapore on June 12,” Trump explained. “We will both strive to become an exceptional moment for world peace!”

The summit, which has been in work since Trump received Kim’s invitation to a meeting in March, will be the first meeting between the seated US president and the leader of North Korea.
US officials also considered the organization of the summit in the Korean demilitarized zone or in Mongolia, but eventually agreed on the city state of Singapore as a locality.
CNN has announced that Central European officials in the Trump have attempted a plan to hold a meeting in Singapore.

North Korea’s Kim Jong Un

Singapore was the first decisive choice among senior administrative officials, including Foreign Minister Mika Pompey and White House Leader John Kelly, who has since recognized that top spotting will play an overwhelming role in the world’s interviews.

Their main interest was the appearance of neutrality – both in the political politics of the site (no countries such as China or Russia, which are considered “too communist”) and its geography. Logistics has been a secondary but still major problem. Once Kim showed willingness to get on one of his planes to fly to China this year, officials were convinced that Singapore – about 3,000 miles from Pyongyang – will work.
Trump said last week that the date and time for the meeting had been set. But despite the fact that the place and date were not completed until Pompeo became the North Koreans. Both they and the South Korean government insisted on talks at the DMZ and were encouraged by Trump’s public support to be there

Many countries are considered for a meeting, but the Peace House / Freedom House, on the border of North and South Korea, will be more representative, more important and lasting than third countries? Just ask! “Trump has been tweeted last week.
His tweet captured his assistants because this place was internally excluded. The helpers were asked to find out if Singapore could provide a similarly festive atmosphere if the interviews succeed.
Pompeo, Kelly, and National Security Adviser John Bolton continued to claim that DMZ may seem comfortable with Kim and that he could get the wrong message when Trump traveled there. It took him a few weeks to discourage him from the idea of ​​going there, but eventually he got to Singapore.

The announcement came a day after North Korea released three imprisoned Americans during Mike Pompe’s last visit to Pyongyang.
Apart from helping Pompeo to release three Americans, he also completed details of the upcoming summit between Trumpe and Kim.
Trump took a cautiously optimistic tone when discussing prospects for reaching an agreement during his upcoming summit with Kim, saying he hoped that a historic deal could be mediated and warned that interviews might prove impersonal. The President, however, saw the release of three Americans for another reason for optimism when preparing for the summit.

Getting started on the new field – I really think we have a great chance to do something very meaningful. Many very good things have happened, “Trump said when he greeted former prisoners in Andrews’ base early in the morning.
“I really think he wants to do something and bring the country into the real world,” Kim added. “It has never been accepted, never such a relationship ever existed. I really think that considerable progress has been made.”

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