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Trump accept Scott Pruitt’s resignation as an chief EPA

US Environmental Protection Agency chief Scott Pruitt, who delighted President Donald Trump by changing environmental regulations but asked for various allegations of ethics, resigned, Trump said on Thursday.

Pruitt was subjected to examining months after first-class travel on taxpayer expenses, security spending, liaison with lobbyists and industrial groups, accusations of using his office for favors, a $ 43,000 soundproof telephone booth for his office and his rental of a high-end condo from wife lobbyist.

Accepted Scott Pruitt’s resignation

Many democratic lawmakers and even some Republican counterparts demanded the resignation of Pruitt.

I have accepted Scott Pruitt’s resignation as an Environmental Protection Agency, “Trump said on Twitter, saying EPA Deputy Director Andrew Wheeler will become CEO on Monday.

“The agency has a great job at Scott, and I always thank him,” Trump said. Some of the accusations of ethics included work for wife Pruitta. Emails received by the environmental group Sierra Club showed that Pruitt had an assistant who contacted the Chief Executive of the fast food chain to have his wife become a franchisee. Washington Post reported that Pruitt’s aides were trying to get her job at the General Association of Republican Lawyers with salaries of $ 200,000.

During the congressional statement in April, Pruitt was ungodly, often accusing his staff of any agency mistakes. Legislators have asked hard questions about a whole range of issues, including suggestions for top consultants and reports on retaliation against EPA informants. The Democrats accused him of endless misconduct.

Pruitt, a close ally of the fossil fuel industry, was also known to challenge the human role in global climate change. As the former Oklahoma General Prosecutor, he has led the legal fight against the environmental standards that the agency has implemented.

From a policy point of view, Pruitt was one of the most effective Trump members.

Trump praised Pruitt for lowering the rules for the energy and manufacturing industry, including his abolition of Democratic former President Barack Obama’s signature program on reducing carbon emissions from power plants, known as the Clean Energy Plan. Pruitt also helped lobby last year to lobby Trump to revoke the United States from a global climate deal in 2015 in Paris to combat global warming.

US Democratic Representative Gerry Connolly said after his resignation: “Scott Pruitt’s government of courage is finally over, he has made swamp creatures that have flushed with headless excesses, all tolerated because Trump liked his enthusiasm.

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