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There is a surprising wage gap between women and men. Light of light is only the beginning

Wage and salary income for men and women in financial services is surprising. Almost a hundred years ago, the first International Women’s Day was adopted, and we still find that half of women earn less than men in some of the best financial institutions.

Barclays International reported a wage gap

Companies with more than 250 employees are expected to publish data on the gap for women and men in April. Barclays International reported a wage gap of 48% and men. The bonus is 79%, which means that for every € 100,000 of bonuses divided into men, women receive only £ 21,000. The same value is 37% and 64% in RBS and 33% and 65% in Lloyds

The main reason for this inequality is the proportion of men who are much larger than women in higher positions. the number of women decreases in aging. The Ministry of Finance related to research funding attempts to find the barriers to which women have access and progress in financial services. If more women are in higher positions, it should show that the difference between men and women is reduced.

We examine the value of financial institutions to explain gender at all levels and functions and examine the role of government and financial regulators to act as a good model for gender diversity.

Five important questions have emerged. First, gender diversity pays for itself; It’s good at the bottom. Credit Suisse found that companies, where they account for at least 15% of top management, are more than 50% more profitable than companies, which are less than 10% of women. Other benefits include group therapy, decreased opportunities, improved relationships with clients, and access to a broader set of talents.

Financial service providers are women

Secondly, the picture is not very good at the moment. Specific gender teams are useful, but only one in four governments of financial service providers are women. Only 6% of financial service providers are women. There is still a long way to go.

Third, culture is important. Witnesses told us that the “alpha-men” culture of high-quality financial services prevented women. Virgin Moneyin CEO Jayne-Anne Gadhia described this victory as a culture of all costs, not exactly. Repeated high-level cultural review of commentaries of stereotypical sex comments, according to “mysterious clubs and supplies, according to the personalized criteria of” boys “, as well as the opaque maternal penalty and recipients of the gift reward, which are estimated to outperform.

All of us – men and women – must show that it is possible to work in different ways. Amber Rudd said the company could increase profits by hiring more women to higher positions. He urged the company to overcome the gap by encouraging more women to lower their jobs, change recruiting practice and do flexible work.

Fourth, unconscious prejudice is important. Oliver Wyman’s reports found that the biggest challenge was to transform stereotypes, preconceptions, and assumptions about what was needed for the leadership and success that permeated cultural institutions. When assessing the suitability of a woman’s role or the use of a particular language in an open workplace of prejudice can adversely affect stability.

Finally, transparency is important in controlling change. As Jayne-Anne Gadhia said, “what is measured is done”. Light sweeping, for example, men and women, wage gaps and imposing business goals and objectives, is how diversity is added to the Council in the list of priorities. Improve transparency to ensure more effective control. The women of the Fund and the requirement that the company publish information on the pay gap between men and women are therefore welcome.

Human Rights Committee

It is the duty of the company to denounce the difference in wages between men and women instead of wands. This is a step in the right direction, but some companies sometimes do not fulfill this obligation or publish inaccurate information. The risk of damage to reputation, the talent of women, so well refuses to work for a company based on the most powerful, September disclosure for companies to address their differences in wages between men and women. But sunlight is the best disinfectant, and because the position and the Human Rights Committee (ECHR) announce the necessary sanctions to ensure transparency and transparency.

the government said it was open to rules and punishments for new actions, but a good starting point would include the salaries of partners to report the pay gap between women and men. They are classified as owners of workers, so they have no technical regulations. But as a role in your organization, they should know better than to give up to divert the numbers.

There are disagreements over the Convention’s ability to pay for companies that publish rigorous data or inadequate progress to overcome their gaps, but we talk about money and eventually we can close the gender gap.

According to the Global Gender Equality Global Report of the Economic Forum in 2017, gender equality has been for over 200 years. As the theme for International Women’s Day 2018, the committee continues its progress.

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